Throbbing Gristle 20 Jazz Funk Greats Artwork - SOLD OUT

Hello people of magic and persons of taste.
We have been listening to some more music and we have been painting. We have spent days in a haze. It's been fun. It's been dreadful. But lo, this cool cloudy morning we said: Hang on, we have just painted the record sleeve to top industrial soundpops Throbbing Gristle - 20 Jazz Funk Greats! We have warmed our frosty fingers with acrylics on canvas, drawing Britain's Beachy Head with our heroes TG standing upon it. And we like it,  we like it a lot.

On its own

Our people on a cliff 


If you would like an artwork it's 20 X 20cms on canvas board. Limited to twenty. Get it while you can.
Do contact us if you would like a different size.



Bowie Bowie Bowie. The dame himself. Mr D Bowie.
He still walks among us.  And,  because it is nearly Christmas,  that oh-ho-ho-so spécial time of year,  I was looking at a dusty ledger book the other day only to realise - aweurgh ! -  that we never quite "sold out" of the Dame David Low canvas board artwork wot we had been sellin' earlier pon de year. 
So! If you want one of these as a nifty piece of Festive shin-diggery,  or if you are simply bored and buying things on the internet because you have too much time and cash,  then you are in luck. There are a few left. 
 Each is hand-painted smoothly on 18cm x 13cm canvas board. 

Here are some photos:
DB looks over there. 

Low on cutting board, near some paints.

Low Detail. Look at that nose. I can do noses.

Low in hand, to show size (and hand).

If you would like one, it's £45 inc. "signed for" UK first class postage. Scroll for international prices inc P&P.  Each piece takes a few days to paint as we (my elves and I) have to wait for the varnish to dry properly before posting.

Nick Cave Artwork - Kicking Against the Pricks

Hello young people. It's a bloody cold day and there are mysterious shapes lurking in the shadows. The lights are low because you know what? We don't want no one to guess we're home. No way. No one. Not even you. Well yes, maybe you. If you've bought a bottle of brandy along....
Such is the frosty gloom of the day itself we have decided to unveil our latest painting, Nick Cave - Kicking Against The Pricks. It's red, it's brooding. It's definitely got some brandy with it. Sort of.

Nick glances off, he's thinking of strong stuff, more than brandy


So, what do we say next? We say hey, you're thinking that this would make a good present for someone you actually like. Or this would cover up a damp bit on the wall. Or it's the sort of thing you might want to put inside your jacket and when you're feeling lonely take it out and touch it. 
Whatever you think, you need to know it measures 20 x 20 cms and is made of acrylic paint on canvas board. Multiple, limited to twenty, usual idea. Any questions, ask us please yes go on do. 
And all that. 
We're kicking, we're kicking against all the pricks. 

New - Art Mugs Interview

There's a good interview about our Art Mugs on Mikkel Elbech's website.

Lou Reed Postcard Art

Hello. Here's some postcard art we did back in February at Raw Art Towers, of Lou Reed's Transformer cover. I am still upset that Lou Reed is actually dead. I thought he'd go on past 100.

I wanted to celebrate the really bloody amazing album Transformer by Mr L Reed. I mean, it's got Vicious on it - and Satellite of Love. And some other ones too. It's still Sounding Fresh. Fresh.

So this is a 13 x 18 cm piece of art on canvas board. It's painted pointedly in acrylics.

Here it is on a painty plinth.


I don't care if you buy one (much), I just wanted to put it "out there" again into the virtual stratosphere. It's Lou! Lou Reed. He invented everything, right. He freakin' ruled.

Rock N Roll Animals Ltd Edition Art Print - SOLD OUT

Hello young pups. Summer is drawing to a close and the long tendrils of autumn are tickling our collective nose. The nights are drawing in and what better, on one of those nights, than to sit with a limited edition art print of the sleeve for Record of the Year - Rock n Roll Animals by Luke Haines.
Taken from the original Sian Superman painting, inspired by 70s illustrators such as Alan Cracknell and Justin Todd, the print features the characters inside the record - Nick Lowe the badger, Gene Vincent the cat and Jimmy Pursey the fox. These creatures are also seen in Sian's animated RnR video here.
The image is printed on high-quality Hahnemühle German etching art paper and is A2 size - 59.4cm x 42 cm.

Mr L.H. with a brand new print and nose-warmer

Prints thus signed

Each print is £65 each inc P&P– see drop down Paypal menu below for postage to Europe and other places in the world.
This is the only time this artwork will be made available and is limited to 50 copies. Each print will be numbered, signed by the artist and Mr Haines himself and sent in a postal tube.


Patti Smith - Horses Artwork

Well here we are, once more grasping the bosom of Rock n Roll artwork as if it were a big Christmas mummy.
Or even Halloween.
Today let us present the one and only Ms Patti Smith, seen here in Horses cover mode, originally photographed - as you well know - by Mr Robert Mapplethorpe in 1975.
Patti watches the viewer - does she? - yes, she gazes intently and looks a bit mannish. Here her body is elongated to the point of being a bit like a knitting needle.

Patti looking at chew

Detail - hands and arms and torso stuff

This painting is 20x20cms, fully realised in acrylics on canvas board.
If you are the type of person who says, Hey, I'd like this artwork (and I think that you could be with the right sort of prescription medicine) then it will be yours for mere pounds including postage and packing and raw materials and cooked materials and that. Any questions, just ask.

Leonard Cohen - Death of a Ladies Man Artwork

Hello ladies and ladyhumans. Welcome to another painting thing. This time we herald the charming lothario Leonard Cohen, who sits, as on the cover of Death of a Ladies Man, with some gurls. He looks out at us - is this a death? Is this just a cigarette break? Who is he? Who am I? Who are they?
But I know who you are. You are a discerning gentleperson, who often lives off their wits. You are kind, vulnerable, strong and ugly - when you're not too busy being good-looking. You like Leonard Cohen and you like his stuff. His aura. His atmos. His je ne sais quoi.

Leonard, smoking

Detail of Leonard, and texture of his open white shirt

If you would like to buy this little slice of heaven, this paparazzo-style NightClub Glimpse of the trouble that notoriety and cigarettes and that open white shirt brings - then it can be yours for £49 inc UK P&P. The canvas board (for it is that) measures 20x20cms and is daubed with acrylic paint. It is painted to order as a multiple of 20, and each piece varies slightly from the others.
When it is Christmas you can hang it on the tree.
Please see Paypal list below for other postage options around the so-called world.
S Superman

It's Hunky Dory - More Bowie Canvas Artwork

Today is the sort of day when people throw caution to the wind. I can tell. It's just something that I know. They laugh, they kick a local car and its hubcaps, they bet on the lottery and they drink lager before noon. Well, that's been my day anyway.
Oh yes, and I painted a canvas - Hunky Dory.

David looks upwards, his hair sleek and curlicue. Maybe he's thinking about that nice green pepper he's going to have for tea.

Detail. Bit of neck.
This new new artwork wooh is painted on canvas board in acrylics, and measures 20x20cm.
It's good to put on a shelf, or a resting bison. It can be framed, or used as a novelty plate.
If you would like one they are painted as multiples, limited edition of twenty. Scroll down, why not young persons, to see more art and more stuff. And please contact me if you have any queries....

David Live - New New New Artwork

Hello pop pickers.
We have today a glistening picture of the subtle, powder blue David on the cover of David Live. He swerves, motionlessly, from one song to another. Microphone in hand, hair in the breeze. What a bloody cover. I love this cover. Hands up who knows which song he's in the middle of. I have no idea.
David swerves

David detail

This artwork is painted in acrylics on canvas board, which measures 20x20cm. Canvas board can be placed lightly on a shelf or framed in your favourite, er, frame. It is durable and classic. Buy this, and you buy a lifetime of happiness.
Limited to twenty multiples only. Any questions, ask away. Please see previous posts for other examples of spidery art.

Miles Davis Bitches Brew - New Artwork

It's mega.


Hey there. Welcome to Raw Art Towers where we were hiding under a duvet with a psychedelic cold for a bit until we crept out and did some paintin'.
Here is the tremendous Miles Davis Bitches Brew sleeve, painted in swirly acrylics on canvas board which measures 20x20cm. The album is a double and thus - this painting is the first part of a diptych. I haven't done the back sleeve yet but yes, time will tell and I will post it when ready. Maybe tomorrow. The album sleeve was originally conceived by Mati Klarwein and is superlative in itself. The pipin' jazzy toons on the actual record are not half bad n all.
If you would like to own a multiple (limited to 20) of this wowser canvas, my version that is, then all you have to do is press the paypal button and I will paint to order. Here at raw art, we have been doing this sort of thing since 2009 and have had happy customers around the globe. I was going to put a "testimonials" thing in the sidebar once but then I thought it was a bit naff.
And by the way, hats off to summer.

2013 Badges Yeah

You punks.
You birds.
You Aladdin Sane - yes you.
We have some badges - they are 25mm and feature S. Superman original designs.

Aladdin Sane Mugs - SOLD OUT

Due to demand, and that small exhibition at the V&A in London, the Aladdin Sane mugs are back. We have indeed got out of our highly bohemian pyjamas and bothered to reorder. We also did cut-up technique on our sales pitch and now it reads "ants".

This mug is firm, it means business – and it is not going to go home until it has finished taking the toppiness off the hi-hats. It is dishwasher proof, if you have one of those, but it is not mundane. It holds a load of liquid, or drugs, or hair colourant. It sings the blues; it can do Brel - and it likes hanging around car parks and near fences.
It can also out-stare anyone who comes in spitting distance.
If you would like to buy one, and I have a feeling that you do, it is £12.50 inc UK P&P. Image repeated on other side. See drop down menu thing for other worldy paypal options. Limited edition. Dispatches within seven days. Any questions, please ask.


Bowie - Young Americans Art - NOW HERE!

All right... we want the Young American. All night, probably, too. And you can, er, have him as this is the latest painting in our Outsider journey to the centre of the universe. Aint there one damn painting that can make me break down and cry? Yes, and it's here:

Our man glances at us, knowing

You can frame the painting or simply put it on a table near some paints, as shown

Detail. Textured paint, blue on the nose

This gregarious piece of brush work and styling is painted in acrylics on sturdy canvas board, and measures 20x20cm, limited to ten. Please see Paypal button below or prices - all include P&P. UK posted first class, signed for. All done to order; any questions please ask. These paintings are easy to frame, prop up on a ledge or to give to a dear friend. 

Trout Mask Replica - Postcard Art

Hello time-travellers. Welcome to the latest instalment in the show we call Art.
And what an Art is has been. 
Here we depict the singular force of Mr C. Beefheart, a literal rendition, nothing like the tormented bloodrush of his own raw artworks. We're not as good as that. 
But here! It's Trout Mask Replica painted in acrylics, on canvas board. B holds up a fish "visor". There's layers and layers of metaphor to that so I'm not even going to go into it, preferring to say: this is art, get used to it. Buy it. Love it. Cook with it.

The painting, stands.

The detail, waves.

A warm fuzzy feeling of horses hooves over the top of your hat as Captain smiles warmly at you, yes, you, yes you you you, with his trout pout.

This is painted, as mentioned, on 18cm x 13cm canvas board in sexy acrylics. Limited to TEN cos it's well good and ten sounds quite vibey. As a number. Please ask any questions if you have to before ordering. UK post first class signed for. Scroll down PayPal menu for International options.

Nico - Chelsea Girl Artwork

Hello, and welcome to Outsider Christmas Art once more where we, the people that bought you quite a lot of paintings of David Bowie, have painted our first lady of the series.
A woman, full of care. A woman, probably full of a lot of drugs. It's Nico, the flaxen-haired Teuton (?), as much a behemoth as she is a monolith of Germanic Foghorn Sulk Rock.
Thoughtful, never playful

She stares at the ground, wallowing in the sort of thoughts you or I would not dare to entertain. She thinks about Lou, she thinks about that French bloke she had a child with, she thinks about Dark Stuff because she is all women and women are a bit mysterious.

This size is handy to carry around


This artwork is done as a series of 20 multiples, painted on 18 x 13cm canvas board and are sent first class recorded. They can be easily framed and hung on the wall or "propped up" on a shelf or passing psychoanalyst. They are quite friendly and require little or no feeding. Any questions, please use the contact form.

NEW! David Bowie - "Heroes" Artwork

We could be heroes... just for one day - but why not... for a little bit more? On a wall or in a shelf? In the hallway or the airing cupboard? Let's face it, we can be heroes as and when we please with this piece of outsider art. And then some.

Here is Mr Bowie, from the cover of the 1977 album. He has his left hand up in the air. He is deep in darkest thought; he looks like a statue. He is a hero, of course, but a flawed one. Mr David, tell us your secrets... swim with the dolphins, stand by the wall.


Mr D B on a stand.

Here is a square artwork this time, 20 cm x 20cm on canvas board.
I, I will be king and you, you will be queen... and this will again be limited to 20 multiples, all painted to order. It's £49 inc. first class "signed for" UK p&p. Please scroll PayPal button for international options. 
Thanks and thanks again.

SOLD OUT - "Off My Rocker" Postcard Art from Luke Haines

'Off My Rocka At The Hawkwind Interface' - a ltd edition of 10 postcard-size paintings (18cm x 13cm). Acrylic on canvas board, painted by Luke Haines. Individually numbered and signed.

Members of Hawkwind (in this case Brock, Lemmy, Calvert, and Del Dettmar) have once again taken to the skies. On this adventure they are singing the words to the title song of the 2006 Luke Haines album 'Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop', to celebrate its re-release.

Each postcard depicts a different 'phase' of Hawkwinds 'Off My Rocker' Journey. Each will be sent out randomly, it will not be possible to choose your image.



Price: £30 each, Europe £33, rest of world £36 all inc P&P.

Iggy Pop Lust For Life - Artwork

Hey guys! Iggy. Iggy Pop* here. I am delighted to announce a new artwork taken from my incredible album Lust For Life, which contains some wild tunes on it and a fairly insaaaaane cover.
My friends as Outsider Christmas art (wooh) have decided to turn me into 20cm x 20cm canvas board. This is rad. This freaks me. (Whatever it is I say.) Anyway, here it is:



Detail: slightly mental

This, my friends, is available as a limited edition multiple (of 10) all for the price of £49 inc UK "signed for" first class postage.
Any questions, you know who to call. Now eat me.

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