Happy New!

Raw Art wishes you a Happy New Year.
Maybe it won't be as weird as 2016.

Lots of love,


siân superman

Folk Art 2016 Biscuit Pyramid!

Hello! And here is a quick round up of the protest biscuits for 2016... all are available but get in quick as they do get snapped up... [Click on the photo for a large version, this may work only on computer not mobile....]

Ooh it's some USA-inspired protest custard creams made after the presidential election 2016, plus some general despairing ones....

Top to bottom: USA flag [SOLD], Fuckin' Hell 2016 [SOLD], State of America, Bastard Cream, Oh Dear [SOLD], We're All Doomed 2016 [SOLD], Bastard Trump, Protest I [SOLD], Protest II, It's a Mess

PYRAMID TWO: Are some handy more UK-ish protest biscuits which wouldn't really stand up properly to make a bigger pyramid.
Top to bottom: I Don't Understand This At All, I Resign, Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland, Riot!, NHS, Protest, EU

PYRAMID THREE: This is the sweary pyramid, smaller but really quite rude. These are quite angry biscuits because, quite frankly, a lot of tosspots seem to be "running the world".
Top to bottom: Twat, Cuntard [SOLD], Fuck Off, Make It Stop, Fuck This

PYRAMID FOUR: Three biscuits form a tiny but quite annoyed trio.
Top to bottom: Bugger Boris, Custard [as in Cowardly Custard], Riot! II

Top to bottom: Truth [SOLD], Silver, Gold, Fuck Yeah!

Please inform Raw Art here as to which ones you would like. All are sent first class signed for and delivery is included in the price. Cheers! Any more questions or for special commissions or multiples please ask....
NB Some may be on show next week in London if we manage to get the new new space in time.

15 December 2016 – Updated January 2017

Low Mugs and More!

Hello! It's nearly Christmas - and that means that you may need a mug. I've just checked and there's a couple of these in stock still, order now and it may arrived actually in time.... All sent in a polystyrene packaging thing which makes them not break in the post. Like. Perfect for the festive season, to put rum in and other wintery drinks.

Low mugs!!

This is the Low mug. 2016 has been rubbish and quite sad.

Grrrr! mugs

Why not sup from a mug which says Grrrr! all the way round, all year round?

Sex Dog mugs – back in stock

This is the famous Sex Dog mug which supplies both gravitas and, ironically, a lightness of touch to any hot drink.

The Throbbing Gristle mug - a Raw Art classic

Sorry this has sold out

This is the Aladdin Sane mug

It's a Sleaford Mods mug! Wooh! Our favourites, now immortalised on a beverage container.

Sorry this has now sold out

David Essex "Rock On" mug - good for people who love David Essex, because at one point he was the most beautiful man in the world. 

"Pup" Mug -
It's a Sex Pup mug - new for 2016! It's menacing and weird but sort of cute. Ish

Awesome Power I and now II

UPDATE: Here is "Awesome Power II". Montage – mixed media, paint and paper plus high high gloss – painted July 2016...blah blah. 20 x 20 cm canvas board. Awesome Power was a concept we had in the Grrrr! shop. It was good.

This is "Awesome Power I". Mixed media, paper, paint, high gloss - painted at the Grrrr! shop NW5, June 2016.... 20 x 20 cm on canvas board. 

A Stupid Version of a Stupid Garden City.... Hedgehogs, Trees, Taylor Swift in a Bikini. Euro 2016.

Experience. Life.

On the Superman art shelf at Grrrr! 6 Malden Road, Kentish Town. Someone came in the shop one day and had a look at the art.... "Is Siân Superman your real name?" she asked.

You can buy Awesome Power I or II using the PayPal button below. It will give you quite startling insight into stuff and we'll throw in some Punk Rock Rock if you're lucky. Try it.

Prints and Biscs and Bellyaches

Biscuits! Protest! Folk Art 2016 we're-all-doomed-oh-yes and then some.

If you liked the raw art biscuits, and wanted a print, they are still available. And it's still nearly-not-Christmas so there's plenty of time for one, or two, to fling its way to you in Seasonal Festive Stead. Why not cheer up every single person you know with the image of some quite sweary custard creams? What hollers "Christmas" more than a brightly-coloured, angry sugary snack? Nuffink. That's what.

The first print is A3 and features the Hit Parade of FU Brexit biscuits. 

Print, framed, at the Grrrr! shop NW5

The second print is the A3 size FU Trump bastard US election protest one. It features Bastard Trump, broken flag, Oh Dear, We're All Doomed 2016, The State of America and Fuckin' Hell. These biscs are now resined, some have been sold and some are available here.... 

The print is freshly off the press....

The third print is a resin Protest biscuit, A2 size.
It's in still in the box we got from the printers....

And fourthly, it's the Riot biscuit in massive protesty rioty resin form as an A2 print. A vital addition to any wall for this, lovely spicy Christmastime.

Please order using the PayPal buttons below. Contact me if you have any questions. All prints rolled up in a tube and sent Royal Mail signed for.
For the other resin anti-Brexit blah blah biscuits n that – the link is here. And if you're desperate for exciting paintings there's still time to order one - have a look round the site - the Robert Wyatt ones are still available plus Television and many more.

Grrrr! in LA, Man

Grrrr! has landed a protest at Art Basil LA 2016!! We're shouting about stuff in our small and bijouz gallery space at John Kilduff's amazingering ART BASIL LA 2016 backyard in Van Nuys, LA, California, US actual A.

Drop in! Don't step on us though! Dec 1-4 i.e. TWO DAYS LEFT – Open 11am-5pm LA time. Man.
Love from Grrrrr! X
Thanks to Elizabeth Withstandley and Karrie Ross for pics, and setting up. X

Grrrr! in Wakefield!

Grrrr! has a display at the Wakefield Arthouse part of the Artwalk 2016, which is running for a couple more weeks. It's called "Protest" and it's got a lot of biscuits and shouty artworks in it. Click here for the Arthouse publicity thingy.

The aim of this exhibition, of course, is to stop the arseholes taking over the world. Am hoping this will actually work.

Some of the biscuits we painted on the opening night....

The Arthouse, Drury Lane, Wakefield WF1 2TE. Phone: 01924 312000

Thanks to Colin Lindley for making the perspex biscuit stands.

New Trump Protest Biscuits!

Or "cookies", as they say in the US.

Look, I don't know any more than the so-called "experts" [© everyone] in this post-truth political metasphere as to whether president elect Donald Trump will be as insanely awful as everyone thinks he might. Yeah, of course he will, but I am just hoping he won't. He may get run over by a cement mixer tomorrow and everything will be OK... but he's a bit of a knob (to say the least) and so he inspires a half dozen Protest biscuits. There ends my extremely minor reflection on the so-called US presidential election.

The biscuits, I'd say, are not wholly Trump-based. They are more a crude reflection of everything being a bit mental in 2016.

Fuckin' Hell; We're All Doomed 2016

American Flag [a bit broken]; Oh Dear

Bastard Trump; The State of America

Updated 19 November 2016

Protest Biscuits - Gary Lineker and Fuck Yeah! SOLD

I don't think this needs explaining. Two new resin biscuits "Gary Lineker" and "Fuck Yeah!"


Both now sold

Folk Art Protest Biscuits - Now in Resin

As you may already know, Raw Art has spent the past two weeks pouring resin over the EU protest biscuits, including the rock n roll biscuit, to see if we could finally mummify the artworks, or whether the whole process would destroy them. In addition, the rock n roll biscuit is about two years old - and shows no signs of disintegration - so maybe this is due to industrial amounts of preservative. Or the fact that it is a magical biscuit which defies nature.
Probably the latter.

Now a few more are ready – cast in resin – to flee the so-called nest and go out into the wider world. But watch out, this is slightly involved. I was not certain there were pictures of all of the biscuits, so as a result there are now too many - but this is just to show as many as possible.
There is a list below. Please, if you buy a biscuit, request which one. This is very important. I can paint and cast another edition for you if one has sold out, if you are happy with that, or do choose another. You can use the contact page as the paypal notes thing I tried to do doesn't seem to work. I am keeping the original Rock N Roll biscuit.

Update - some of the originals have sold so please check list below or you can request a copy of a particular slogan/design

NEW IN! 2 x NHS!!

Several of the biscuits, all coated in resin. Includes "Broken Biscuit / Broken Britain", "Bastard Dream" and "EU"

I Resign - still available

"For Jo Cox"

You biscuit will arrive in a box, nestling in tissue paper. Shown here with Grrrr! mug and pencils.

"Teresa Fuckin' May" – sold

"Truth and Lies" – sold

"Bastard Dream" – Still available

"Protest" - in two colours - still available

"Gold leaf" – can be yours

 Biscuits, yes, in display case

Biscuits are [starting with available originals, although as stated, I can do commissions and copies]:
Protest - red on pink or pink on red
Bastard Dream
I Resign, Thank You
Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland
Custard [Cowardly Custard]
Gold leaf

For Jo Cox - original now sold
I Don't Understand This At All - original now sold
Truth  - original now sold
Lies - original now sold
Bastard Cream - original now sold
This is a Fuckin' Shambles - original now sold
Teresa Fuckin' May - original now sold
Broken Biscuit Broken Britain - original now sold
Fuck You May Gove Farage Johnson - original now sold
Oh Fuck It - original now sold

Or... another design, made to order - your choice of words or it could be ornamental.

I will be paintin' n dunkin' some new biscuits in the next few weeks. Some are on show at the Wakefield Arthouse at the moment but can be bought.

I have also found out, when prompted by the loyal Raw Art customer base, that the biscuits use sustainable palm oil.

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