**UPDATE - SOLD OUT - WAS "Art Still Left!"


Just wading through the endless trinkets and stuffed pythons that litter the work room only to find this little gem, sitting alone. It is infinitely masterful - and rather tasteful - and would suit a discerning front room or maybe even the inner sanctum of a shed. It is, especially at a few months old, more outsidery than ever. If you missed the Post Everything paintings this could be the one for you... go on, it is. It is you know. There is only ONE of these in the entire world. Savour the exclusivity. Marvel at the grain.
This features our fiery fiend as a disembodied head, one filled with menace and sarcasm – a gigantic two fingers [not pictured] to the world. “Bad Vibes” is also its name and such is its game. 

The painting is in acrylic paint, on canvas, and measures 16" by 12". Maybe iconic.
I've decided to offer this at the NEW 2011 knockdown rate of £80 and that includes UK postage n packing. Anywhere else in the world, £90.


All paintings sold.
Thank you.
This is a short film about going to the Post Office to post some Outsider artworks.

Why not watch it.

Post Everything Paintings

A mysterious man peers through the bubble wrap of an island-like existence:

An Outsider Artist wipes a glossy brow.
Outside, some things have been on fire.
What this means is that seven paintings in the Post Everything series of ten have been completed and are due to be sent out tomorrow. Would have done it today but the Post Office was closing early for

Obvious Reasons.

Hold on - seize that palette once more young buck! - two more to be painted by a trembling hand and no. 10/10 is yet to be purchased.
By whom? And why? And what. If you would like to be that What, that number ten, that bastion of all that is last-ness and you are safe and warm, you can buy it now. Or in a minute.

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