Grrrr! in Wakefield!

Grrrr! has a display at the Wakefield Arthouse part of the Artwalk 2016, which is running for a couple more weeks. It's called "Protest" and it's got a lot of biscuits and shouty artworks in it. Click here for the Arthouse publicity thingy.

The aim of this exhibition, of course, is to stop the arseholes taking over the world. Am hoping this will actually work.

Some of the biscuits we painted on the opening night....

The Arthouse, Drury Lane, Wakefield WF1 2TE. Phone: 01924 312000

Thanks to Colin Lindley for making the perspex biscuit stands.

New Trump Protest Biscuits!

Or "cookies", as they say in the US.

Look, I don't know any more than the so-called "experts" [© everyone] in this post-truth political metasphere as to whether president elect Donald Trump will be as insanely awful as everyone thinks he might. Yeah, of course he will, but I am just hoping he won't. He may get run over by a cement mixer tomorrow and everything will be OK... but he's a bit of a knob (to say the least) and so he inspires a half dozen Protest biscuits. There ends my extremely minor reflection on the so-called US presidential election.

The biscuits, I'd say, are not wholly Trump-based. They are more a crude reflection of everything being a bit mental in 2016.

Fuckin' Hell; We're All Doomed 2016

American Flag [a bit broken]; Oh Dear

Bastard Trump; The State of America

Updated 19 November 2016
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