Beverly Callard Multi-Tych

Today, let's hark to the early renaissance and the two dimensional portraits artists made of Christian deities. From Giotto and his beatific St Stephen, thence to hop nimbly over to digital portraits taken from ITV's This Morning.
Beverly Callard talks to Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about her brain tumour.
Bev goes into quite horrific detail about her brain on the programme, but here rendered in photographic stills she seems close to God.
A bit.

Estate Agent Art

Art that used to hang in an estate agents...
Art that also used to hang in an estate agents....
Sometimes, that's just what art's about.

Latest Artwork - Ikea Bistro

It's a put-anywhere, do-anything, constant Outsider Art reminder of the furniture store's special food bit when you get to the exit and the car park. 
Feel free, feel breezy, feel Bistro. 
Rendered in the exact colours of the Ikea Food bit, it is joy and laughter, chips 'n' hot dogs, melamine and glue.
Look out for other versions in different colours, to follow.
Here it is without the daffodils:
If you would like one let me know. They measure 24x30cms. They are painted in acrylics. They are probably quite cheap.
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