Bad Vibes Painting - update - NOW SOLD


If you remember, and maybe you bloody well don't, that it was two lovely years ago when forty Bad Vibes paintings were sold by me, Sian Superman.... Multiples of my husband's - L. Haines' - book jacket. The paintings, which were 30x40cms and painted in acrylics, went far, they went near. They were posted and they arrived. They were hung on a wall, or hidden in a cupboard, or burnt in a satanic pyre by naked people with bananas on their heads. One cheeky type even tried to sell his "extra" painting on eBay and was - alas - not successful. Well, not when I looked anyway. Not the TWICE he put it on there.
And thus it is - Superman Towers has found an extra! A Bad Bad Vibes, one which was lurking near a pile of empty polystyrene packing, which once housed some jointed rabbit.
It is here, smiling, un-lurking, glistening even. But it wants a new home. It is going to growl at you, oh yes, if you don't buy it. It might even eat a plate of spaghetti and invite some mice round to share some garlic bread.
Outsider Art.
This one is number twelve and if you're dead fast you can buy it for £110 inc postage ANYWHERE.
That means, acquaintances, that if you live on the actual moon, Superman will try and get it there.
Try, though. Not expecting that to happen etc.
Let's go. Let's Art.

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