NEW - "Low" Mugs

Just in - "Low" mugs.
New new new - just thought I'd post these mugs quickly here and not do another sodding over-written blog post this time.
Image printed on both sides, based on the "Low" artwork by Raw Art.
Any questions please ask. Love on ya.

New Sweary Print

The Smell of paint. The odour of hate. The warm pillows of disinterest.
This is the sort of song I'd sing to myself in the cruel bitterness of January '16, which was bloody awful. Or at least totally depressing.
I thought, if Raw Art had a perfume line, which I'd obviously really like, what would our first scent be? What would our first scent, scent of?
Would it be mossy lichens gambolling in the snow?
A horse trying to draw an orange?
Seventeen tulips queuing to get in a packed tube carriage?
No, none of that. Our first fragrance would fray of the smell of paint, and the odour of hate blah blah. And maybe a bit of musk. And maybe the tube carriage. It would be called "Fuck This Shit" because it just would. And we at Raw Art would rather have a poster than an actual smell because we smell quite great anyway and if you want more of a painty feel you can dab some acrylics behind your ears and head off into the so-called night.

Here it is, resting on something a bit "glamorous"

Here it is, sitting near some stuff, reflecting a bit of the kitchen

If you like prints and you like this sort of thing here's the info: they are A3 size and limited to 30. Printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper, £40 each inc postage and packing. A snip. The print in the photos has been framed using black mountboard - the print has a small white border. All signed and numbered.
Each print is sent via Royal Mail in a cardboard tube. Please allow up to ten days for delivery.

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