Latest Nixey - NOW SOLD!

More static elegance and timeless mystery in the form of Sarah Nixey painting two. Standing tall, Sarah gazes out fondly, and yet with glacial remove. The second portrait carries more allure, and more enigmatic knowingness than ever before. The art is painted in acrylics (24cms x 30 cms) and is £80 inc. UK P&P if you're interested. Email here for Paypal details and even worldwide shipping prices. [Numbered 2 out of 2.]

Eddie Argos Painting Unveiled

Aha! Fresh from the brush, is the latest in the Insider Outsider pantheon (or panther) - Mr Eddie Argos from Art Brut and a lion. Painted in the style of something, this picture captures the essence of man and beast. The man, alone - contemplates the big cat - also alone. But the man has one cry - 'eddie argos'. For it is he.
If you are interested in owning this work please contact me here... it is £100 inc. UK P&P, by Paypal if possible. It is 30cms x 40cms and painted in acrylics.
As with the "Bad Vibes' paintings, I am painting 'readymades' [copies] of up to 40 - each is original (not a print etc.)

"Its making me wish I owned a Lion": Mr Argos.

Exciting Offer

Exciting ebay offer, re: Mr Luke Haines

Offer closed...

On all Luke Haines artwork. Thanks for your support. Watch this space.
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