Happy Outsider Christmas

We will be back in the New Year....

Mug Update - SOLD OUT

Christmas mugs - they're not just for life, they're for Christmas.
This is a mug update to let you, the viewer, know that certain stocks are about to run out and thus armed with the information you may choose, as they say, to run with it.

Of course, do scroll down for paintings as there are a few of these left...

Mean and Moody Mugs - SOLD OUT

Last posting day before Christmas: Thursday 20th December.

Sex Dog Mugs - SOLD OUT

Bad Vibes Mugs - SOLD OUT

Violent Mistake - Painting

Painting by Sian Superman.
This is a painting of a wolf, with text. Out stares our wild doggie, who spies something that whets its ha-ha-happetite. Maybe it is alive. Maybe already dead. It is, no less, the wolf of the har-har-heart.
What happens next?
You decide.
This painting measures 30cms x 40 cms and is painted bemused in acrylics.
If you would like to buy it's £50 inc UK p&p. For other worldwide options, see paypal scroll thingy.

Ltd Ed. Hawkwind Postcard Size Art - painted by Luke Haines - SOLD OUT

A limited run of 10 mini paintings by Luke Haines, each individually numbered and signed by the artist. The paintings depict the frightening myth, as told in the recent concept album – The North Sea Scrolls – of how Hawkwind, (a detail from the classic 1972 line up, rendered as one and individually) guarded the safe passage of the aforementioned Scrolls, in their hot air balloon, from Ladbroke Grove to their final destination (somewhere else).

Look at these paintings, go on look at these little fuckers. Why has Dave Brock got his arms outstretched, what does he want? Marvel at the varying shades of Captain Brock's jumper. Squint at the three tiny Lemmys. Is he wearing his iron cross? Debate with yourself (or a friend) whether collecting Nazi memorabilia makes you a nazi (it doesn't). Lads – lust after statuesque (though in this instance quite tiny) Stacia. Ladies, swoon at this rendering of Del Dettmar. There is but one of him. He is a loner. A loner with orange sleeves. Finally, be worried, worried that little Bob Calvert might set fire to mini-Brock's lank but lovely locks with his briar pipe. Watch out Dave. Watch out London, there's a veritable hawk-blitz taking place in the skies of Ladbroke Grove in acrylic and canvas, and you can own a tiny part of it.
Each painting measures 18x13cms, acrylics on canvas board. There are ten individual paintings in total, pictured here in twos for convenience.
Each is sold randomly - you won't be able to choose which one (because you'll all want Lemmy).

Detail (i)

Detail (ii)


It's Marc Bolan - Standing Up - SOLD

It's Marc Bolan - he's standing up. 
He smoulders with curly hair.
We at the Outsider Christmas Art Thingy thought we'd paint something new at the weekend and this is what happened.

Here he has his hands on his hips.

A detail, inc. curlicues of fine Bolan hair.

This painting is in acrylics on canvas and measures 20x24cms. It is at a special Christmas price of £40 inc UK P&P. There is only one.


Aladdin Sane Mugs - SOLD OUT

Hello, this is the Aladdin Sane mug. Waiting for milk or some pureed green pepper.
This mug is very handy for hot drinks too, or putting pencils in. Or maybe just staring at, to see if he blinks. The dame. Etc.
If you would like to buy one they are £12.50 inc UK P&P. See drop down menu thing for other worldy  paypal options.

Watch this space in case we get out of our pyjamas and do a re-order etc.

Mean and Moody Mugs - ONLY THREE LEFT

Hello young scampers - after hectic polling and quite possibly some fervid discussion in the street, the mean and moody mugs have arrived.

They are mug-sized, dishwasher-proof and keenly printed on both sides.
A sparrowhawk looks out and wonders. Mean? Moody? Who is certain.
If you would like to buy one please click the paypal button. They are £12.50 inc UK P&P - for other options please see paypal dropdown menu.
Thanks to you. And you.

Important New Mug Poll

Someone asked if we at Outsider Towers might think about producing a limited edition Aladdin Sane mug. Then someone wanted one with a bird on it. Results could mean... a new mug for Christmas. We need your views. Watch that poll. Watch that man. Watch the birdie.

WEEK THREE: It's the Bad Vibes Mug - ONLY THREE LEFT

Our Christmas special - it's the Bad Vibes Mug.
Our man Mr Haines looks out, at you – making a cup of tea.

You could put mulled wine in it, or arsenic, or brandy snaps.

This ceramic mug is the size of an ordinary mug and the image is printed on both sides.

WEEK TWO: Sex Dog Mugs


Here at Christmas Outsider Christmas, we have been promising some new merch.
And here some is. The celebrated "Sex Dog" painting in mug form.

Watch. As it holds tea... almost hovering in mid air.

Coo. As it stands near a teapot and a biscuit.

Slurp - your tea from your new mug. The forces of nature therein and thereon.
It's the size of a normal mug, ceramic, with both sides printed.
Perfect for Christmas. Perfect for just after Christmas.


Welcome to the festive funwagon that is the Outsider Christmas Art Shop. This site has been brought to you by people who know that that art is not just for life, it's for Christmas.
While musing over a glass of chilled Churbo (Cava with a dash of Brandy) and a packet of ready salted crisps, the Insider Outsider Art Collective (incorporating the Art Supergroup) decided that what Christmas needs is a time for people to buy smaller, lighter, brighter, faster. Thus the mini Christmas for-a-limited-time-only (ie until January 2013) was created to bring to you joy and original works of art. Just like the John Lewis advert – unlike the John Lewis advert, Insider Christmas Outsiders are not selling you time travel romance, i-Pads, chocolates or duvet covers. We are selling tiny elements of the underground, the chaotic, the nervous, the brooding.
Over the next few weeks we will be adding more items so we would advise you to "follow by email" (see bottom of page) or just keep pressing "refresh" like an idiot at hourly intervals.
Or something.
Anyway. Happy bloody November. You haven't missed Christmas.


 Two paintings meet, in life-size hand (hand, model's own).

Bad Vibes - Postcard Size (Sian Superman)
This is a version lite of the famous image, featuring Mr L Haines. It measures 18cm x13 cm or 7" x5" and is painted on canvas board. There are only ten available so order now, if you feel like it. As ever, these paintings are multiples – ie freshly painted and original each time, so tiny variations will occur. We are not robots. We have hands that do the work and brains with bells and whistles.

All Bad Vibes artwork can and will be signed on the back by Mr Haines himself.
Please note: If ordering outside Europe we cannot guarantee this item will arrive for December 25th.

Aladdin Sane - Postcard Size (Sian Superman)
Again, this measures 18cm x13 cm or 7" x5" and is painted on canvas board. Mr A Sane looks out onto the crumpled heap of humanity and wonders when the next rocket is landing. A lite version of the Aladdin Sane paintings sold earlier in 2012 – it features a different colourway (yellow and blue). Only ten available, painted as multiples, detailed above.

New Seasonal Outsider Shop Opening Soon...


Hello and interesting. 
Sale Sale Sale - there has been space in the house and not space. There is a reason to find more space, and maybe remind you of a picture or two. And therefore a knock-down, get-em-while-they're– infinite manifestation of savingness is on the breeze and we find ourselves carried with that gust and along to the items themselves. 
These artbart pieces are noble and you must have one. (Special commissions rarekins but sometimes considered. email: siansuperman at gee mail dot com)
NOTE: August and refined persons please observe - SALE ENDS SEPTEMBER 16 2012 and all these paintings will go back to the original price of £100 each.
PS In April we were featured in medical rag the Lancet on Outsider Art and now Sian Superman is a qualified GP. Maybe. 

This amazing picture of Eddie Argos and Lion - NOW SOLD

It features Eddie Argos from Art Brut and his new side project Eddie Argos and the Lo Fi Punk Rock MotherFuckers.
Painted in the style of something, this picture captures the essence of man and beast. The man, alone  - contemplates the big cat - also alone. But the man has one cry - 'eddie argos'. For it is he.

This painting is 30 cm x 40cm and is painted acrylics on canvas.
"Its making me wish I owned a Lion": Mr Argos.

Chinese Woman - NOW SOLD

From the famous painting by a Mr Tretchikoff - of 34 Acacia Avenue, Surbiton - comes the outsider art version of Chinese Woman Thinks About Stuff. Consider, if you will, the original, on walls all over this globe we call "the globe". 

The original.

Consider again, a print. A bit of paper that has been printed on. OK, but there you go. Throw it in the dustbin, son.
Now take a painting, a well good painting of a painting. It's original but a copy. See with yer eyes, it has the words "punk rock" painted on the right shoulder.
Detail of special bit.

 This is now £60. It measures 30cm x 40cm and is acrylique et canvasique.
If you want to buy it there's a financial button down there....

21st Century Man - On A Wall

Deep in the suburbs of modern Britain hangs a portrait so toothsome, so vibrant, that it needs little by way of explanation. It is the second 21st Century Man painting out of the limited edition of two.
It is placed on the fine magnolia wall of a gentleman who has seen fit to accompany said artwork with a mounted CD thing which gives the painting more strength, more guts.
Together they make a fine focal point for any contemporary living space.

Thank you.

Kate Moss lives in Highgate

... Near a mock-Tudor Wethespoons pub.
I imagine she goes in there, has a look, walks out again. Maybe in a tuxedo jacket and jeans. Maybe in a furry gilet and jeans. There is another pub, the Crown, which is a lot posher and could be even nearer, as the crow flies. Perhaps she goes in there.
Maybe if I go to the Wetherspoons and drop this picture on the ground just outside then Kate Moss will see it and put it on her fridge.

Animalians Series

This is from the Animalians series. The wolf painting is now sold.
See insideroutsiderart.wordpress.com for recent works from both Sian Superman and Luke Haines. 

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