Aladdin Sane Mugs - SOLD OUT

Due to demand, and that small exhibition at the V&A in London, the Aladdin Sane mugs are back. We have indeed got out of our highly bohemian pyjamas and bothered to reorder. We also did cut-up technique on our sales pitch and now it reads "ants".

This mug is firm, it means business – and it is not going to go home until it has finished taking the toppiness off the hi-hats. It is dishwasher proof, if you have one of those, but it is not mundane. It holds a load of liquid, or drugs, or hair colourant. It sings the blues; it can do Brel - and it likes hanging around car parks and near fences.
It can also out-stare anyone who comes in spitting distance.
If you would like to buy one, and I have a feeling that you do, it is £12.50 inc UK P&P. Image repeated on other side. See drop down menu thing for other worldy paypal options. Limited edition. Dispatches within seven days. Any questions, please ask.


Bowie - Young Americans Art - NOW HERE!

All right... we want the Young American. All night, probably, too. And you can, er, have him as this is the latest painting in our Outsider journey to the centre of the universe. Aint there one damn painting that can make me break down and cry? Yes, and it's here:

Our man glances at us, knowing

You can frame the painting or simply put it on a table near some paints, as shown

Detail. Textured paint, blue on the nose

This gregarious piece of brush work and styling is painted in acrylics on sturdy canvas board, and measures 20x20cm, limited to ten. Please see Paypal button below or prices - all include P&P. UK posted first class, signed for. All done to order; any questions please ask. These paintings are easy to frame, prop up on a ledge or to give to a dear friend. 

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