Happy Outsider Christmas

We will be back in the New Year....

Mug Update - SOLD OUT

Christmas mugs - they're not just for life, they're for Christmas.
This is a mug update to let you, the viewer, know that certain stocks are about to run out and thus armed with the information you may choose, as they say, to run with it.

Of course, do scroll down for paintings as there are a few of these left...

Mean and Moody Mugs - SOLD OUT

Last posting day before Christmas: Thursday 20th December.

Sex Dog Mugs - SOLD OUT

Bad Vibes Mugs - SOLD OUT

Violent Mistake - Painting

Painting by Sian Superman.
This is a painting of a wolf, with text. Out stares our wild doggie, who spies something that whets its ha-ha-happetite. Maybe it is alive. Maybe already dead. It is, no less, the wolf of the har-har-heart.
What happens next?
You decide.
This painting measures 30cms x 40 cms and is painted bemused in acrylics.
If you would like to buy it's £50 inc UK p&p. For other worldwide options, see paypal scroll thingy.

Ltd Ed. Hawkwind Postcard Size Art - painted by Luke Haines - SOLD OUT

A limited run of 10 mini paintings by Luke Haines, each individually numbered and signed by the artist. The paintings depict the frightening myth, as told in the recent concept album – The North Sea Scrolls – of how Hawkwind, (a detail from the classic 1972 line up, rendered as one and individually) guarded the safe passage of the aforementioned Scrolls, in their hot air balloon, from Ladbroke Grove to their final destination (somewhere else).

Look at these paintings, go on look at these little fuckers. Why has Dave Brock got his arms outstretched, what does he want? Marvel at the varying shades of Captain Brock's jumper. Squint at the three tiny Lemmys. Is he wearing his iron cross? Debate with yourself (or a friend) whether collecting Nazi memorabilia makes you a nazi (it doesn't). Lads – lust after statuesque (though in this instance quite tiny) Stacia. Ladies, swoon at this rendering of Del Dettmar. There is but one of him. He is a loner. A loner with orange sleeves. Finally, be worried, worried that little Bob Calvert might set fire to mini-Brock's lank but lovely locks with his briar pipe. Watch out Dave. Watch out London, there's a veritable hawk-blitz taking place in the skies of Ladbroke Grove in acrylic and canvas, and you can own a tiny part of it.
Each painting measures 18x13cms, acrylics on canvas board. There are ten individual paintings in total, pictured here in twos for convenience.
Each is sold randomly - you won't be able to choose which one (because you'll all want Lemmy).

Detail (i)

Detail (ii)


It's Marc Bolan - Standing Up - SOLD

It's Marc Bolan - he's standing up. 
He smoulders with curly hair.
We at the Outsider Christmas Art Thingy thought we'd paint something new at the weekend and this is what happened.

Here he has his hands on his hips.

A detail, inc. curlicues of fine Bolan hair.

This painting is in acrylics on canvas and measures 20x24cms. It is at a special Christmas price of £40 inc UK P&P. There is only one.


Aladdin Sane Mugs - SOLD OUT

Hello, this is the Aladdin Sane mug. Waiting for milk or some pureed green pepper.
This mug is very handy for hot drinks too, or putting pencils in. Or maybe just staring at, to see if he blinks. The dame. Etc.
If you would like to buy one they are £12.50 inc UK P&P. See drop down menu thing for other worldy  paypal options.

Watch this space in case we get out of our pyjamas and do a re-order etc.

Mean and Moody Mugs - ONLY THREE LEFT

Hello young scampers - after hectic polling and quite possibly some fervid discussion in the street, the mean and moody mugs have arrived.

They are mug-sized, dishwasher-proof and keenly printed on both sides.
A sparrowhawk looks out and wonders. Mean? Moody? Who is certain.
If you would like to buy one please click the paypal button. They are £12.50 inc UK P&P - for other options please see paypal dropdown menu.
Thanks to you. And you.

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