Auto Destructive Soap Sculpture

The International language of Soap Sculpture needs no introduction. However, I must add that as a craft it's much practised in Thailand and Korea where the soap-fruit interface is blurred and sometimes  is truly hazy. This time I have not been working in kumquaats, but in an auto-destructive soap thing.
 Yes, it may last a few years. Yes, it may need a lot of dusting. Yes, you could put it in one of those "deep" frames but lo - it will not last forever. Nothing does. And it is crafted from something domestic and is easy to purchase. Soap. I love soap. It's cheaper that bronze.

This is a punk rock soap sculpture from about four months ago. It says "punk rock" and is melded from white bargain soap.

Here are the some currently on sale, in a Fluxus-style multiples soap-off.


"Don't Know"

"Hell Is Other People"

Each measures 9x 5.5 cms and is crafted from white unperfumed soap. If you want to buy one they are limited to ten per design. They will be packed carefully and sent first class. Each includes membership to the Hangover Art Club.

"David Bowie and Iman"

If you would like your own name/word/phrase - "The Jam", "Casa Bevron", "Kylie" etc – carved deftly onto a piece of soap please use the "your own phrase" PayPal option and let me know your choice of words on the PayPal invoice under "instructions to seller".
SPECIAL OPTION - Three for £30 inc P&P. Makes a good present.

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