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"Fake News" and "Oh Dear"

"Free Melania" (quite controversial that one) and "Power to the People"

Originals pre-plasticky stuff

He'll see you in court etc SOLD

More to follow! Unless we are inundated with more Fake News! Will sell to you esp if you work for CNN.

LOVE Biscuits

Hello. Me again.
Biscuits! I've done some Raw Art Raw Heart biscuits, because here I am thinking love is probably in the air for all the people of the world, ALL – men, women, kids (?), plants, the Brexiteers and Remoaners, the, er, Trumpintons and the Icelandic Air Stewards. These sorts can be listed by type:

a) the loved-up
b) the broken hearted
c) cats
d) people who don't care
e) alcoholic persons in long term relationships
f) swingers (?) and people who go to Rio's in Kentish Town
g) oh you get the gist, there are more types I imagine but I can't be bothered to write lists all night.

So! I thought - I'll make three biscuits for the occasion that should the passerby who likes art and maybe "love" or who feels sad – or maybe flirtatious – can have his/her needs met – but no not in that sort of way this is just a biscuit. Purlease.


So above is the Love! biscuit. No really. It's just a biscuit in resin.

Broken Heart

Above is the broken hearted biscuit for people who are sad and feeling like love is stupid. Which, it can be argued, it is. Scientifically like.


And last is the Hello biscuit, which can be used for flirtations and that. I mean, I don't know. Do what you want with it. Give it to a builder or someone who works in a library. Or a Chippendale or Katie so-called Price. Or a gerbil. Yes, it's your biscuit (if you buy it) and you can do what you want with it.

Robert Wyatt - Original Gold Leaf Watercolour

It's a cold cold day here at Raw Art Towers, the birds are squeaking outside and little chickens are warming themselves by the radiator. It's the kind of day where the skies stay silent and brood over the ridiculous world and look a bit menacing and all that. But without actually raining or snowing.
Anyway, I have here the original Robert Wyatt watercolour which was made into a print a couple of years ago. This has gold leaf surrounding the oval portrait, where Robert W looks out on us, brooding silently over the ridiculous etc etc. Am I saying that Robert Wyatt is like a cloud? Maybe his beard is a bit like a hairy cloud.



I met Robert Wyatt and Alfie in 2015. And lovely they are. They had bought another Robert Wyatt acrylic painting of mine and we exchanged some emails on 2014. Here is Sea Song where he seems to sing without moving his lips at point, having a cig and drinking from a can.

If you would like this A3 original, it's watercolour on paper plus gold leaf. I don't think it's real gold though, and I'm not sure that real gold is a very Robert Wyatt n Alfie sort of metal. I could be wrong.
Only one of one, and there are no plans to make the screenprint again.
Sold unframed. 


Style Council Artwork

The Style Council, á Paris.
Painted on cardboard, this is a colourful depiction of Mr Weller and Mr Talbot hanging out near the Eiffel Tower, wondering whether it's nippy enough to put their jumpers back on. Talbot's thinking about a having nice cold beer and maybe watching some chic French birds passing by. Weller's not sure if he should be "soaking up some culture" by going to see the Mona Lisa and then getting some biros from the gift shop. But, in the end, they're probably going to drink some beers and light up a few gaspers.

I still like the Style Council. A lot of people go on about the Jam {see below}, but Paul Weller obviously just wanted to have some fun and fuck off for a bit. There are moments such as when the Jam were doing Beat Surrender on Top of the Pops, along with Tracie Young, and Brucie and Rick look like they are already feeling surplus to requirements. Even though they're placed at the front.

That's TV Irony Gold.
Paul and Tracie are at the back looking cool, sharp and thin. They look like they've won.

So I've painted our Paul and our Mick, on cardboard - as you can see from this angled photo above. It's mostly like canvas board, and is a good surface. Just to let you know. All the greats painted on cardboard at one stage in their lives. Even Jack Vettriano.
Well maybe not Jack Vettriano.
Anyway, if you would like this... use the PayPal thingy below.  
Measures 15x15 cm. Acrylics on cardboard. Sent first class signed for, price includes postage.

SORRY THIS HAS NOW SOLD. If you would like to commission a similar painting, or one with the same image, please get in touch using the contact form.

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