David Bowie – Diamond Dogs Artwork

Good evening you, good evening me.
The weather's been all right today so let's look up, not down, and think about David Bowie.
It's been a while (MONTHS) since I did a Bowie artwork and – inspired by the 40th anniversary of Diamond Dogs, I have painted a version this afternoon.
Young Dave, still a mere slip of a thing surviving on milk and that green pepper, poses like a dog.
I've left out the stuff at the back because it was a bit distracting – so now it's like he's floating in a blueish air.

Here he is, young Dave.

On the easel.


Ah, this canvas board is painted in acrylics and measures 20 x 20 cm. Limited to twenty. Looks good on any wall. And remember, any Raw Art purchase this weekend gets you entered into a prize draw. Yes. You may win a unique postcard-sized watercolour to own forever and forever.
All prices include postage and will be sent UK first class signed for,  air mail worldwide. 

"As they pulled you out of the oxygen tent/You asked for the latest artwork".

Or something. Any questions use the contact form.


Found Some Old Artwork....

I have just found this under the bed.  I think this was conceived as a non-tribute to Sarah Lucas,  a work ("work"?) made with cigarettes, called "cunts", made about 1999.  This also includes cut-out words from a newspaper article, which must have been about the art world (from wot the nouns say).  The words include "Joan Crawford", "sexual people", "Andrea Dworkin and dull and boring food", "Hitler",  "Christy Turlington", "gay parents",  "my brother",  and even "my fishmonger". All of these things considered cunts or cuntish. Strange is the addition of "Alexander McQueen",  who was obviously not a cunt,  but must have been included in the butchered article. 

This artwork is now a bit bashed up.  It's been in a plastic bag for a while. The "c"  looks like a "g",  the cigarettes are a bit flat. 

It still smells quite nice,  if you seen what I mean. 

Detail (my wife) 

Detail  (sexual people) 

Detail (my brother) 

It could almost be...  a... Julian Schnabel???!  No!!! Oh never mind. 

Auto Destructive Soap Sculpture

The International language of Soap Sculpture needs no introduction. However, I must add that as a craft it's much practised in Thailand and Korea where the soap-fruit interface is blurred and sometimes  is truly hazy. This time I have not been working in kumquaats, but in an auto-destructive soap thing.
 Yes, it may last a few years. Yes, it may need a lot of dusting. Yes, you could put it in one of those "deep" frames but lo - it will not last forever. Nothing does. And it is crafted from something domestic and is easy to purchase. Soap. I love soap. It's cheaper that bronze.

This is a punk rock soap sculpture from about four months ago. It says "punk rock" and is melded from white bargain soap.

Here are the some currently on sale, in a Fluxus-style multiples soap-off.


"Don't Know"

"Hell Is Other People"

Each measures 9x 5.5 cms and is crafted from white unperfumed soap. If you want to buy one they are limited to ten per design. They will be packed carefully and sent first class. Each includes membership to the Hangover Art Club.

"David Bowie and Iman"

If you would like your own name/word/phrase - "The Jam", "Casa Bevron", "Kylie" etc – carved deftly onto a piece of soap please use the "your own phrase" PayPal option and let me know your choice of words on the PayPal invoice under "instructions to seller".
SPECIAL OPTION - Three for £30 inc P&P. Makes a good present.


#livedraw Eurovision 2014 - Charity Lucky Dip - NOW SOLD OUT

Hello fine people, feral animals and woodland berries –
You may remember, times past. Ie last year. And the year before. #livedraw was the name and it involved me drinking a lot of vodka, drawing every Eurovision act in the Grand Final and tweeting them all in real time. It was fast. It was furious. It was, towards the end, a mess - but it was groovy (maybe) and it made Eurovision a little bit more... um, #livedraw.
This year #livedraw lives on (and instead of vodka, it's gin) – it woz not dead, it woz only sleeping. Or drunk. Anyway, this time I am going to do a Lucky Dip. If anyone likes the pictures – and they will be drawn on top quality Fabriano watercolour paper with fancy Schminke watercolours mate so I do hope so – then you can buy one of them for the princely sum of £5 plus £1.50 postage (UK – bit more for Europe/Rest of the World postage etc). It's a lucky dip so you don't know what you'll get but hopefully it will be good. Good-ish. Some might be a bit splodgy.
All the proceeds will go to the Great Ormond Street Hospital. The PayPal button will go "live" when Eurovision starts on Saturday 10 May, 8pm BST. There are 26 acts so there will be 26 pictures. Once they're gone, they're super gone.
Thanks. Any questions do ask me, using the contact page.

But we have raised £140 for Great Ormond Street!

Here they are, together on a desk, all 26 of them. They are all postcard size.

Here's the eurovision winner, Conchita Wurst, representing Austria.

For a Picasa portfolio roundup, featuring a complete 26 paintings, click here

Thanks for your interest. The Twitter was a mighty fine place to be that night. If you want to make a one-off donation to Gt Ormond Street you can by clicking here.

Brian Eno - Textured Hands Artwork

Hello you people. Today I have for the wiggly fingers of Brian Eno, Roxy Music era, in his huge turkey feathers and tight keks. Brian here has probably cut his own hair - he stands, waiting for those fingers to create some electronica. Not sure how ambient he's got yet, but he does hold a cigarette. Maybe he's brooding - thinking Mean Stuff about Bryan. Who can actually tell? What is life actually about? No one is sure.

Textured hands - detail.

Eno on a plinth.

Face - detail.

Little Brian, little thoughtful Brian. He's in a world of his own. This celebratory canvas measures 21 x 15 cms, just under an inch deep. It is painted in acrylics, acid yellow background and varnished. If you would like one they are limited to just ten. UK price only £35 (see drop down menu for other destinations). Please allow 14 days for delivery as the paintings have to dry fully before dispatch. Prices include first class postage.

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