#livedraw World Cup - Hoddle, Hollandle, Mexicoddle - SOLD OUT


It's Hoddle. Painted during Mexico V Netherlands. Or Holland. Whatever it is.
Glenn's face is full of right angles. It's one big right angle, oh - actually, it's a square. Hoddle believes some bad stuff about reincarnation but let's not go into that. He has thinner legs than Adrian Chiles. He takes his football seriously.

Hoddle. With microphone. He could even be singing.


This painting follows the form - 13 x 18 cm, acrylics on canvas board. Fiver from each painting goes to Macmillan Cancer Support. It's part of the #livedraw World Cup series so is a perfect memento of stuff.

Any questions just ask. Jesus loves you.



Holland won versus Mexico. They were dressed in orange in the blistering heat. They only really woke up at the end and then they trounced poor Mexico. Poor poor  Mexico. But here is A Footballing Man Signifying Holland as a World Cup souvenir that will now be varnished and will last you for years to come. Oh yes.


This painting measure 13 x 18 cm, acrylics on canvas board. £5 from each painting goes to Macmillan Cancer Support.


PAINTING THREE - "The man with the whistle"– Miguel Herrera's Mexico Statement post-match

Here it is, the full statement painted white on Mexico green.

It's a really good speech. And I've seen that Robben re-play dive thing. Hm.

This painting measure 20 x 20 cm, acrylics on canvas board. £5 from each painting goes to Macmillan Cancer Support. If you would like to buy it see the Paypal button below.



#livedraw World Cup Suarez Bites 2014 - SOLD

It has been a rocky road tonight - the England v Costa game was rubbish. On the other channel there was more. Biting, they say. Real biting. Uruguary v Italy. Werugh.
So Raw Art, yes it it us, has done a super super #livedraw in 60 minutes and created a picture of Luis Suarez of Uruguay biting Chiellini on the shoulder. A moral tale. Biting is not on. People do not bite other people on shoulders. Not Often. And more than they should do.


This painting follows the form - 18 x 13 cm on canvas board, in acrylics. £5 of total price goes to Macmillan Cancer Support. Any questions please ask. Dropdown menu etc. Keep it real. Keep it kind. Keep it non-bitey.


#livedraw England "Match of Shame" - SOLD


Hello, you chameleons of rock n roll. It's #livedraw tonight - again! - but this time it is for real. 4 Real. Quatre Vrai. Maybe.
Yes, England, the World Cup losers, are having to play those nifty little blighters of Costa Rica. English Leg against Costa Rican Leg. One neon football boot against the another neon football boot. A haircut near a haircut. But this is war. England have got to do well otherwise Roy "Hodgy" Hodgson is going to look a bit crap. Will they? Probably not.
Anyway, I aint no pundit, but I am painting it all so I will shut up and talk about PAINT instead. I have just bought a LOT of white paint. It's not fancy, but it can mix with some posh acrylic mediums and go a bit gloopy. If you want an all-white painting or one that is mostly white - just let me know. (Whether this will have any relevance to the game I am not sure.)

Next, I have a truck load of canvas board. Masses. I have more than ten, actually. It really is that good. I can just go on painting all week. Thierry Henry's jumper (cardigan seems to have vanished); Adrian Chiles' nose, Glen Hoddle's ears - even a bit of the match and a "tackle" or simple "kick" and – as Lenny Cohen says – I'm your man. You know who to ask.

This post will be updated from 5pmish onwards with all sorts of nonsense. Check back to see how it's going, yeah. As ever, with every painting sold I donate a fiver to Macmillan Cancer Support. So far we have raised £40 which is FAB.


...And here it is...
A boring game, played by boring players in excitably-coloured boots and long long socks. Two men - one from Costa Rica and one from England - cast each other a look, mid-pitch. They is bemused. The ball is in the air. Neither one touches it. They each have their team's final score on their shirt. The end is nigh. The end is here. This is it.

 If you would like to buy this marvellous token, this souvenir of World Cup non-glory, then it's 13 x 18 cms canvas board, painted in acrylics.


#livedraw World Cup Dream Result

Hey there chimps and chimpesses.
Here at Raw Art we've been slightly bruised by the 2-1 England v Uruguay match. We've had a think about it, realised the England team was well rubbish, but we still can't get it out of our collective heads. It's nigglin'. To say the least.
So, after much consideration, we bring to you the Dream Result. The "real" result. In picture form:

England 1000 Uruguay 2

On plinth. Art goes on plinths

But, you may be thinking, who gives a stuff about England and Rooney and Sturridge and Roy and Coleen and Cheryl Cole and Rod Hull and Emu? Who, indeed, cares about Baby Prince George and Simon Cowell and the bin bag strike of 1976? Well, not everyone. We know that. Oh, we know that. So! If you would like to order this picture as any team, with a Dream Result, then please do contact Raw Art with your order and we will paint exactly the same sort of one for you but with different team colours and Your Imaginary Result. For that's what we do.

NB If you would like to buy the England 1000 Uruguay 2 painting (shown above) please add that on your Paypal payment form.

All paintings acrylics on canvas board 18 x 13 cm and £5 from every sale goes to Macmillan Cancer Support. Price in first class P&P and worldwide P&P (see dropdown menu).

#livedraw World Cup - Thierry Henry's Cardigan - SOLD OUT

Hello! Fashion fans and football people. It's been awhile but I have finally put the finishing touches to the Thierry Henry Cardigan painting I have been going on about. With a touch of Soutine, and a dash of something else, I do present to you Mr Henry and the Cardigan they tried to hide. Yes, he has stopped wearing it. But Yes there are loads of photos of it on the Internet so he can stuff it behind a hedge and wear a Fred Perry, but he can't run. Or something.

Here he is against a passionate background of red.
He is thinking about the top button of the cardigan.
It is undone - on purpose or by accident?
On purpose.

Piercing eyes. Slightly unbuttoned

The man. The garb. A halo


Acrylics on canvas board, 18 x 13 cm. Will be sent via first class post. All prices included P&P
£5 from each painting goes towards Macmillan Cancer. Limited to one of one. But if he wears it (the bloody cardigan) again or dresses as Sun Ra tomorrow I'll paint him one more time.


(Apparently the cardigan is from Gucci.)

#livedraw - World Cup - Chile vs Spain

Chile vs Spain, 18th June 2014
It was a screamer. Spain did not really do much except run around and Chile trounced them. Spain. They trounced Spain. Wow. Chile 2 Spain 0. I had some cider. I painted a painting.
Here are some photos of the painting taking shape during the match, live, hence #livedraw.
Just the bare bones of a new canvas and a mini easel

Quick snap taken last night

Here's the finished painting.

The artwork perfectly sums up the mood of the game, I think. It measures 13 x 18 cm; acrylics on canvas board. Please use the PayPal button below should you wish to purchase it. £5 from every artwork goes to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Watch this space for Thierry Henry and some other stuff later today.

#Livedraw World Cup - Day Five

Well so far Gary Lineker has been on telly just this night, is saying "this is the first social media World Cup" and wahoo! Maybe he is right. For instance, a football strikey man named Mario Balotelli became the first Footballer Artist by sticking his own face into the Italy team page in the Panini book over all the other players'. Then he posted a photo on Facebook. Richard Prince, eat your own shorts etc. You can't get any better art than that. I will do an artwork based on this artwork tomorrow. Oh yes. Probably.

Today I missed Germany v Portugal, and watched the Iran v Nigeria match which was incredibly dull. But that I quite liked that. Here are some men talking about it in space:

Here's a spooky bit where they have become ghosts:

Adieu mon braves, for it is late and I've some varnishing to do.
I'm still chuffed I've sold some pictures including that one of Adrian Chiles. Chiles! Someone's going to get a picture of Adrian Chiles. Perfect.

#livedraw World Cup - Van Persie - SOLD OUT

It's here, by popular demand - the Van Persie goal, scored during the Spain vs Netherlands match (Friday 13th June 2014).


Robin Van Persie flies through the air during the Spain vs Netherlands match

Forever held in aspic - that goaly goal goal

Paintings are £16 each (inc UK P&P; see menu for Europe/Rest of the World prices) – £5 per artwork goes to Macmillan Cancer Support. They are painted in acrylics on 13 x 28 cm canvas board. Bonza.

#Livedraw World Cup - Day Four - SOLD

Hello there #livedraw people and art football interface fans.
Day four of football found Raw Art fairly fatigued but still with drive and promise.
France vs Honduras proved to be a thrilling match of kicked balls, kicked players, yellow cards and fellas fellas everywhere. Arguing. Big, Burly. Looming and hulkish.
Here is a painting – France's Benzema scored twice and here he is near the ball. And near Palacios who's got his kicky feet out.


Watch this space for Van Persie's header picture, coming later today.

About the artworks: Each is painted in acrylics on canvas board, measuring 18 x 13 cm. Prices include postage and packaging (see drop down menu for worldwide options). 30% of the gross price (ie a fiver per painting) will be donated to Macmillan Cancer. Please contact me if you would like anything specific.

#Livedraw World Cup - Day Three + Crisps deal - SOLD OUT

A bemused Rooney, looking lost, but aren't we all

 Detail (he has WHAT written in impasto near the collar)

Today is England vs Italy night. Of course there's Columbia vs Greece but I'm concentrating on England v Italy laterz. It's a load of English men near Italian men – and hopefully Thierry Henry talking about it in that posh cardigan of his during half time so woah.

England v Italy paintings are started and completed during the game itself (90 mins) and will be posted here and on the Twitter when they are finished.  They are £16 each (UK P&P inc) and £5 per artwork goes to Macmillan Cancer Support. They are painted in acrylics on canvas board, 13 x 18cm. Hey, this #livedraw is a long haul art-thing. Eh. Wayne Rooney and his pinched expression, Sturridge and his legs, Gerrard, and um, that.

PAINTING ONE - Wayne Rooney looks bemused (England vs Italy) - this photo taken on Saturday night when the painting was just finished - SOLD



PAINTING TWO - STURRIDGE and his funny dance (England vs Italy) - SOLD

(this photo taken on Saturday night)



#Livedraw World Cup - Day Two - SOLD OUT

Hello there, and welcome to Day Two of #livedraw #worldcup.
Today I am going to concentrate on Spain vs Netherlands, on at 8pm BST. (Mexico and Cameroon maybe if I can get a move on.) 

 Last night's match was certainly bloody mental and the time went quickly. 90 minutes is not that long when you have a whole load of paint splodged in front of you. Let's see what happens later....

Here is ADRIAN CHILES! Painted during Mexico vs Cameroon this afternoon - SOLD



Cos he got a penalty kick

#Livedraw World Cup - Day One - SOLD OUT

One of the #livedraw paintings

Hey  - it's here! A load of football on the TV. Football and art. Art and football. Fused together in one almighty showdown because raw art has decided to do ver #livedraw #WorldCup.
It's Brazil and Croatia tonight. Let's see what happens to these men and their so-called calves of pummelling steel. Let's see what happens to the ball and it's so-called roundness. Let's take in a bit of Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull and some people dressed as the rainforest at the opening ceremony.
Artwork will be posted here and on the Twitter as it happens.




Corluka gets yellow card.


Neymar (again) wants to kiss the sky with his goal from the penalty thingy. 

About the artworks: Each is painted in acrylics on canvas board, measuring 18 x 13 cm. Prices include postage and packaging (see drop down menu for worldwide options). 30% of the gross price (ie a fiver per painting) will be donated to Macmillan Cancer.

World Cup #livedraw News


(quick sketch on back of envelope)

After the massive excitement, the shabby kerfuffle and the restless-legs expectation of the last #livedraw in May '14 where, as you know, I drew each Eurovision entry in real time – comes new new new #livedraw.

An event in itself.
A merrily-charged thing.
An art thing.
A double-screen, modern-pot of classic hyper artistry mixed with...

Yes - for however long it lasts, during some [if not most] of the games, depending on will and the amount of gin left in the cupboard, I will attempt to #livedraw some paintings of the WORLD CUP TV coverage on canvas board. From the depths and dark schoboons of a rather messy flat I will be DEPICTING, in acrylic paint on canvas board, at least TWO footballers per game. You know, the ones wot are doing really well. The ones in those long socks (do they still wear them??) And maybe a flag in the background or a "ref" or something.

To whit - #livedraw goes #world cup 2014 on the Twitter and that.

PLEASE tell your friends. Real ones and virtual ones and the actual imaginary ones.
DRINK along and offer twitter encouragement if you like doing that sort of thing.
DO watch this website for PAYPAL buttons and please do buy.
30% of the price of each artwork will go to Macmillan Cancer Research. This site will be updated regularly with running totals, photos and "interesting facts".
More preliminary sketches may be revealed tomorrow. Plus photos of paintbrushes and/or bottle of Gordons.

I've even invented a catchphrase I'll never use and probably edit out of this post tomorrow:
Let's make art real. Let's make art #livedraw


A Collection of Davids

It's Friday. Thought I'd post some of the David artworks that have been painted in the last couple of years. They're not in order, they're not completist, they're not good at putting the kettle on but they ARE David and they DO look at you funny.
Some are still available if you have the patience and time to go through the blog posts. You can contact me direct anyway.
Happy Friday! David Forever. Etc.

(Click on the image and it should come up bigger.)

Oh and remember, exciting new #livedraw plans afoot. Watch out for more news tomorrow!
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