Ziggy Played Guitar

Hello there.
Spring is in the air. It is, it's positively light - but rainy. A bit shit, a bit depressing, but not like January. That was awful. And this time of year I get to thinking about Dave, and how a new Dave painting is well overdue. All those badges, all those mugs. Clear off. It's 2015.
Ziggy Stardust, standing not in outer space but in Heddon Street, London. Ziggy Stardust, waiting for his Spiders from Mars, in the parked cars. He has purple boots on. Careful Spiders, don't run underfoot. He's jiving us that we are voodoo. Wouldn't he ever.
As ever, the superlative Bowiesongs blog details the album so well. Tales the words out of my mouth. Mate. Just as well.

Mr Bowie with foot up against a box 


This painting measures 20x20 cm. Here it is, on a flat surface

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