Patti Smith - Horses Artwork

Well here we are, once more grasping the bosom of Rock n Roll artwork as if it were a big Christmas mummy.
Or even Halloween.
Today let us present the one and only Ms Patti Smith, seen here in Horses cover mode, originally photographed - as you well know - by Mr Robert Mapplethorpe in 1975.
Patti watches the viewer - does she? - yes, she gazes intently and looks a bit mannish. Here her body is elongated to the point of being a bit like a knitting needle.

Patti looking at chew

Detail - hands and arms and torso stuff

This painting is 20x20cms, fully realised in acrylics on canvas board.
If you are the type of person who says, Hey, I'd like this artwork (and I think that you could be with the right sort of prescription medicine) then it will be yours for mere pounds including postage and packing and raw materials and cooked materials and that. Any questions, just ask.

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