It's Here - the Robert Wyatt Screenprint - SOLD OUT

This edition sold out. New edition may be available at a later date.

Hey there people.
It has arrived, the Robert Wyatt "Let's Fuck It Up" screenprint.
Robert Wyatt, glorious. Looking down, ready to screw up the rules and do a really long jazz drum solo or sing about pigs in a hut. Renaissance gold embellishments on the surround. A majestic A2 size, 
420 x 594 mm. Will dominate and produce ethereal goodness from any wall.


Just arrived, looking out of the box...

High-quality digital with gold screenprint overlay on heavyweight 310gsm Hahnemühle Art paper. Taken from an original watercolour/gold leaf painting. This edition is limited to twenty, so get in there quick.


Prints will be sent via first class UK mail in a sturdy cardboard tube. Each will be signed and numbered in pencil. Any questions please ask.


Yoko Ono Artwork - Fly

Hello Modom. And gent. And child of the future.
To celebrate Record Store Day and indeed all the other thousands of days to follow we have a new Yoko Ono artwork, fresh from the brush. Yoko Ono – the conceptual high priestess of shrieking and transcendental banshee rock n roll.
This is a really good record,  I don't need to go into it here – this is not the time – but needless to say it was only right that it got painted. The original is a super-imposed photograph; white packaging. Some of those bits are painted here.

Yoko super-imposed. Probably quite thirsty (cup on right). Then re-imagined in acrylics. 


"I don’t believe in doing things over. When I was painting one day it suddenly occurred to me that there is no line that you can go over. if you go over a line, the line that you went over is a totally new line." (Our Yoko from her website.) Think I have stayed in the lines though.

A Raw Art Logo

And thus...
The bleeding heart of Raw Art 2014. Background painted in yellow, the colour of sunflowers. And cheese. "Raw Art" like a challenge, a statement - and yet also a lament, an epitaph.
Raw Art a bit like a cartoon. Blinking in the summer sun.
The heart - the red old drippin-y heart,
Here is the Raw Art Logo as an actual thing, painted on canvas, in acrylics and high glossed. There are small marks along the background made by a gritty paintbrush to express ire and malcontent. Or kittens. Either way.
On the wall.

On another bit of wall.

In the hand.

In a bathroom cabinet.

This painting is a limited edition out of ten and is painted on 21 x 15 cms canvas. All items are made to order so please allow for seven days before dispatch. Remember, each purchase now includes membership of the Hangover Art Club, ie you get a special card. And new possibilities.

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