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LATEST – "Fuck Off" badges are in stock again. Please go to the new Raw Art site to purchase.

After the last horrible couple of weeks, where Raw Art went into a cave and stayed there for a bit, we have decided to re-stock the Fuck Off badge.
Fuck off January 2016. Fuck right off.
You can order these badges at the bottom of the page...

Other badge designs
And here - although "Sex Dog" has sold out for the moment...
And with a sort of "Insta-filter" for people who respond to such things....

These are button badges, ie 25mm, and made of metal and that. £1.60 each but there are lots of options - you can buy them in fours, or as a collection of seven (the most economical way). If buying a few please use the PayPal form to state which ones you would like. Or email me after your order...

Gillian Gilbert badges!! To celebrate the New Order keyboard legend. These are handmade badges, 30mm in diameter with the typewritten words "gillian gilbert" on them. They are £1.80 each or you can buy them as part of four or seven (please state which ones you would like if so).

Pocket Art Mirrors

Mirrors. They're bloody important - but they're often boring. Yeah, you can check your look any time you want, but they often lack the most vital thing of all - a piece of limited edition artwork of something sodding amazing on the other side.
So exactly what? – I thought when I was walking my poodle (I haven't got a poodle) – Would a certain 8cm round mirror have on the other side?
I got to thinking. And here they are - for a mere £6 each inc P&P these mirrors will have you looking good - while all the time they - yeah - look good! Two things. In one! All pocket mirrors are 8cm diameter and come in a handy pouch. All limited quantities.

Manics - Richie and Nicky - Pocket mirror 8cm diameter

David Essex

Wolf - Pocket mirror 8cm diameter

Johnny Thunders

David - 1975

Back - mirror in "pouch"

Return of the Art Mugs

Hey and hello - the mugs have arrived on this blustery, tornado-style day or days.
They're shiny, they're new and they are filled with an invisible magical dust. They're ready for something, don't know what - but if you're making one I'll have a strong tea no sugar. Thanks.
The mugs always say they're dishwasher-proof but I wouldn't gamble on that as they are sensitive, art mugs and automatic machine washing techniques might go wrong.
Here at Raw Art we love our mugs but they often sell out so do order soon to avoid disappointment.
Here are the five beauties. Watch this space for new designs - if we fancy it - in a couple of weeks....
All designs are from original Raw Art paintings.
Thank you, for being there.

This is the Aladdin Sane mug.

It's a Sleaford Mods mug! Wooh! Our favourite punks now immortalised on a beverage container.

Sorry this has now sold out

The Throbbing Gristle mug - a Raw Art classic.

Sorry this has now sold out

David Essex "Rock On" mug - good for people who love David Essex. 

"Pup" Mug -
It's a Sex Pup mug - new for 2015! It's menacing but very good at holding hot drinks.

The underside of the mugs is printed with the Raw Art logo which is handy in itself.

Any questions, do ask.

Go Betweens - Liberty Belle Artwork

Hello scamps.
Here, on a blustery day, we have another new artwork to reveal... the suitably blustery jangles of Brissy's finest, the Go Betweens. Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express album cover. They're all sitting on a sofa. Some high, some low.
When will change come? Well, I don't know. But if you look at this artwork long enough – for a really really long time – things will change I am pretty sure of that.

On a sofa

On a wooden surface

On a plinth

If you would like this artwork it is 20 x 20 cm painted in acrylics on canvas board.

"Driving my first car, my elbow's in the breeze
With all these people that I never, never need
These people are excited by their cars..."

Sex Dog - 2015 - JANUARY SALE

Here at Raw Art there is a saying that goes: if it aint fixed then break it.
This has nothing to do with anything, really, it just sounds good.
The original Sex Dog painting was sold to the incredible musician and person Vinnie Peculiar, who finds the painting haunts him still.

But aha! There is another Sex Pup painting, which I recently found hidden at the bottom of a well. Scared and shaking, it is however perfect and timely. This is the Alaskan Malamute, which indeed graces the logo of this website. It is a talking point, a discussion, a lifestyle evaluation.

 Lounging on a chaise


This painting is 24cm x 30cm, acrylics on canvas. If you would like it there is only ONE. Hurrah.

1975 David [Bowie]

This is 1975 David [Bowie]. I've been painting some 1975 Davids for the past couple of weeks - some of which have been very small - some of which have been quite detailed - and here is one of them. The hair had to take centre stage, so to speak. 
I tried that hairdo myself some years ago. but it didn't really work. I think it would look a bit shit if I tried to do it again, like some sort of Tilda Swinton effigy or... similar. (I was going to write "Worzel Gummidge" then thought, no, it wouldn't look like Worzel Gummidge.
But then I think, yes, it probably would.)
So this is David. And he is mysterious, because he hasn't really got a face. Or at least features.



David (detail)

This artwork is painted in acrylics and measures 25 x 25 cm. Limited to two. Only. 
If you would like one then please use the PayPal button below. Any questions, do ask.

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