It's Hunky Dory - More Bowie Canvas Artwork

Today is the sort of day when people throw caution to the wind. I can tell. It's just something that I know. They laugh, they kick a local car and its hubcaps, they bet on the lottery and they drink lager before noon. Well, that's been my day anyway.
Oh yes, and I painted a canvas - Hunky Dory.

David looks upwards, his hair sleek and curlicue. Maybe he's thinking about that nice green pepper he's going to have for tea.

Detail. Bit of neck.
This new new artwork wooh is painted on canvas board in acrylics, and measures 20x20cm.
It's good to put on a shelf, or a resting bison. It can be framed, or used as a novelty plate.
If you would like one they are painted as multiples, limited edition of twenty. Scroll down, why not young persons, to see more art and more stuff. And please contact me if you have any queries....

David Live - New New New Artwork

Hello pop pickers.
We have today a glistening picture of the subtle, powder blue David on the cover of David Live. He swerves, motionlessly, from one song to another. Microphone in hand, hair in the breeze. What a bloody cover. I love this cover. Hands up who knows which song he's in the middle of. I have no idea.
David swerves

David detail

This artwork is painted in acrylics on canvas board, which measures 20x20cm. Canvas board can be placed lightly on a shelf or framed in your favourite, er, frame. It is durable and classic. Buy this, and you buy a lifetime of happiness.
Limited to twenty multiples only. Any questions, ask away. Please see previous posts for other examples of spidery art.

Miles Davis Bitches Brew - New Artwork

It's mega.


Hey there. Welcome to Raw Art Towers where we were hiding under a duvet with a psychedelic cold for a bit until we crept out and did some paintin'.
Here is the tremendous Miles Davis Bitches Brew sleeve, painted in swirly acrylics on canvas board which measures 20x20cm. The album is a double and thus - this painting is the first part of a diptych. I haven't done the back sleeve yet but yes, time will tell and I will post it when ready. Maybe tomorrow. The album sleeve was originally conceived by Mati Klarwein and is superlative in itself. The pipin' jazzy toons on the actual record are not half bad n all.
If you would like to own a multiple (limited to 20) of this wowser canvas, my version that is, then all you have to do is press the paypal button and I will paint to order. Here at raw art, we have been doing this sort of thing since 2009 and have had happy customers around the globe. I was going to put a "testimonials" thing in the sidebar once but then I thought it was a bit naff.
And by the way, hats off to summer.
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