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You know the Sleaford Mods, we all do, and I can't quite explain how much I really like them. But I do. They swear, they're poetic, they're old, they're real - they're like actual people in actual life unlike a lot of "bands" and stuff and things. Anyway, the more I say the more it takes something away so I'm going to be quiet. You can watch it on youtube, man.
But I did want to paint them, a lot, and I waited a bit for some reason but now it's all come out.
The paint is acrylic on tough board. It has sharp edges.


Taken while drying

There are small daubs of Farrow and Ball "Studio Green" around the edges. Like. It made sense.


If you like art and you like Sleaford Mods then this might be the thing for you. It could well be the thing for you. These will be painted to order as multiples, limited to twenty. Size is 13x20 cm and costs £62 inc UK P&P.
Anything else, you know who to ask.
"I work my dreams off for two bits of ravioli
And a warm bottle of Smirnoff."
Oh yes.

#livedraw Eurovision 2015

#livedraw Eurovision 2015 is happening this Saturday 23 May at 8pm BS so-called T. You may not want to miss this opportunity. You may want to miss this opportunity. But the fact is I will be drawing the 27 acts in real time, as they come on stage, on the telly. No excuses. Or something. There's Serbia with the big lady; Sweden with the cartoon things; Latvia and some experimental spoons; there's two thousand ballads and a couple of "uptempo" songs. And there's the UK entry. The UK entry.... the bloody awful no unique no rubbish UK entry, Electro Velvet.
Details will be on the Twitter and you can come back to this page to buy the artwork as it happens. It will be a lucky dip - you will get a random picture BUT if you have any favourites just squeak and if no one else wants one yer in.
50% of the profits (gross minus postage and PayPal fees) will go to Great Ormond Street after the event.
All artwork will be done in watercolours on postcard-size watercolour paper. Cost inc UK P&P per artwork is £10.50. Europe and rest of the world differs.

UPDATE 24 MAY - A selection of the paintings from 23 May... not all are sold! Please do buy if you're tempted, they're rockin'. It's history. It's, er, art.






You can see every one of the 29 the paintings here on Picasa.

Eurovision #livedraw 2015 Preview film ....

.... has moved here...

#livedraw UK Election May 2015

NEWEST UPDATE - so far we've raised £70 for Great Ormond Street so that's at least something out of bloody Thursday night... A couple still available.

Update on Friday 8th May 2015
It's over - it's official. Bloody #GE2015 results have come in – and a hearty, cynical "hm" from Raw Art. It was a fun night - until the exit poll gloom and then results - and thanks to everyone who joined in on Twitter.

Today the country decides. We go to the polls - we vote. We do all that.
And tonight it's the #livedraw General Election special. By way of explanation – and I say with no little irony – this works in a similar way to the Raw Art Eurovision #livedraw. I get some wine/gin/anything – watch the telly and paint the election.
All this is really done on The Twitter, where you will be able to view each artwork as it's made.
Come back here to buy the artwork from 7pm onwards. You will be able to state on the PayPal billing page which artwork you're after and if no one else is bothered then you may get it.
All artwork will be watercolours on postcard-sized art paper. There may be a couple of variations (there usually is) but do keep having a look at the twitter feed to check on progress and please join in.
Each artwork will be at the low low price of £14.50 inc postage. All proceeds (ie minus cost of basic materials, postage, PayPal fees) will go to Great Ormond Street Hospital. I hope to do about twenty artworks. Yeah. Starts around 7pm.

UPDATE: some pictures from Thursday evening... some are sold and some still available!

LEGACY OF CRAP - Available





GOVE - Available






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