Folk Art Protest Biscuits

New Biscuits being added here every few days!

"Broken Biscuit..."

"Teresa Fuckin' May"

I did some protest biscuit painting on Friday 24 June 2016 because I was pissed off. I haven't stopped. 
Here are some of the results. They are on display at the Grrrr! Shop, 6 Malden Road NW5 3HR for a bit. (We're open Wed-Sat 11am-5pm.) There's a piece in the KentishTowner about them here.
We close 29 July 2016. *Insert sad face.*

Some biscuits in a grid

I can't stop doing this

I really can't



In a box in the shop, they look like sweets


Er, more


Fuck you May, Gove, Farage, Johnson

Bastard Cream

"I don't understand this at all" and "This is a fucking shambles"

Truth and Beauty Pencils

On sale in the Grrrr! shop and now - online. Blue carpenters pencils, with Truth or Beauty etched into them.

#Livedraw Euro 16 England V Russia

Here's #livedraw Eng V Rus.
As they say.

You can buy it if you like.

Failure Pencils – Now Available

Carpenters pencils, with the word "failure" carved into one side. As seen in the Grrrr! shop. Now available online. Each pencil comes wrapped kindly in tissue paper and includes free Grrrr! badge.

NEW!!! Badges

this site is archived. please go to the new Raw Art site to purchase.

As seen in the Grrrr! shop. Now available online. Fucky, Aladdin Sane, Fuck Off, Starfucker...

Low and Grrrr!

New! Gillian Gilbert, Tina Weymouth, Hangover Art Club, Verse Chorus Verse Chorus....
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We've had the launch, this is Launch 2! Come and paint a custard cream, rock up and daub a bourbon. If you missed the first launch of Grrrr! and even if you didn't, this is the afternoon for you. And you. There's beer if you want to make a donation to the beer fund. And of course biscuits.

Look at the art, watch a failure pencil, see a mug, wrap a pencil.

6 Malden Road, London NW5 3HR. 3pm onwards. 
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