NEWS FLASH - Pop Up Art Gallery

From tonight, ie 27th May 2011, a pop up art gallery is showing Sian Superman's Outsider Art, including Georgia May Jagger (above), Britney and John and Edward.
This is a rare opportunity to see these 'mazin' things in actual real life
and not on the internet, oh no not at all.
It's at 19 Swains Lane, London N6 6QX. Open weekends, mainly.
I don't think the place has a name yet, it's so new and unformed and potentially potential.
But if it does, I will find it out. Probably.
Tonight there is booze and cake at least, and lots of work by other artists too including quite a good raven scultpure.

A Drink's Too Wet Without One

In response to the really good Eddie Argos 'Ignorance is Bliss' paintings of Marlboro packets, I painted this. I was tempted just to copy Eddie's, and become a painting tribute act called Addie Ergos, but he might sue me.
I once smoked Craven As for a college play, in the days you could smoke anywhere.
It was great.

Direct Value

I kept the Local Pound Shop flyer for a few years.
Many years.
Too many years.
Because I didn't want to throw it away. Then I wondered how it would look as a painting, especially if some young girls bling-ed up from French Vogue were painted quite quickly (and not very well) at the bottom of the painting.
And they looked like they might go to the Pound Shop in Fortess Road.
Or they might go for about a pound if they got in with the wrong crowd.
Direct Value.
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