New *Painting* of a Hangover

The first hangover painting, rather than sketch, is here - like a beacon of portent on a Saturday night, speaking -like a ghoulish monster of dreary headpinchyness - of the ills of the Night After. That is, Sunday - and the Sunday hangover (which will actually go if you keep drinking all day until, preferably, Tuesday). But anyway, it is Saturday at the moment here in London town and here it is, this picture. If you would like to own this totally original piece of art, wot like no one has ever done before, it will cost you £80 plus very moderate p&p. [Acrylic on canvas, 30cms x 40cms.] You can contact me here for all enquiries. I'm off down the pub.

Another drawing of a hangover

Outsider Art in Bin

So, Michael Landy and your Damien Hirsts in your so-called art bin. This is real art, in a real bin, in London NW3 - discovered moments ago. It's a piece of Matisse-inspired art, maybe taking in a bit of Chris Ofilli on the way - and surely a comment on the role of women, and apples. Or are they pomegranates? The piece is unsigned and still in the bin on top of a carton of strawberry Yazoo milk, in case you want to get it, near Parliament Hill Fields tennis courts.


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