Happy Bloody Christmas!

Happy New Year

Thanks for all your orders and a Merry Christmas 2014 from Raw Art.

Raw Art Christmas - Week Four - TELEVISION Marquee Moon

Hey cats.
I've painted Television - the Marquee Moon album. It's a great cover. I usually hate the skinny white boys rock band thing but they all look so incredible. So tense. So beautiful but really bloody miserable with all that NY angst and pollution and blankness and stuff. They look punk. Of course they do.


Television, again

Like the Beach Boys, they're a sort of boy band. A pop band. My God, you think again, looking a bit closer, they are made out of magic dust.

If you would like a painting they are done as multiples, as per usual, max 20 but probably 10. They measure 20 x 20 cm, acrylics on canvas board. If you order before December 15 I will try and get your painting to you for Christmas. Even if I have to walk to your house in the snow.

It's nearly 2015. Aint that strange.


Raw Art Christmas - Week Three: Mugs - SOLD OUT

Finally, they're here. We can announce the return of the
They are useful. They are beautiful. They claim to be dishwasher proof but I would lovingly hand wash them instead. Sometimes they speak in tiny voices and sometimes they help with the hoovering.
Quantities are extremely limited. Each mug is packaged in safe n stylish polystyrene and dispatched via the Royal Mail.

NUMBER ONE: Throbbing Gristle "20 Jazz Funk Greats" - NOW SOLD OUT

NUMBER TWO: Robert Wyatt "Robert Wyatt" - NOW SOLD OUT

NUMBER THREE: Lou Reed "Transformer" - NOW SOLD OUT


Any questions, please ask.


Hello. Welcome to another in the series of art blog posts about art.
Welcome to Week Two.
Today I can unveil the latest painting on canvas board. It's Pet Sounds, that album, you know. It's by the Beach Boys. It's good.
I thought that it was one of the most complicated album sleeves of all time, so I decided that it would be interesting to paint, to see if it was possible. So I had a go.

Carl, Brian, Dennis, Mike, Al - and some goats

The Beach Boys - they're a boy band. They sing harmony and sway. They're pop. They're soul.


My favourite Beach Boy is Dennis, who seems to be feeding an invisible animal on the sleeve. He's so out there. There is a good blog about the original photoshoot at San Diego Zoo here.

You can buy a piece of this Beach Boys magic - a little bit of the life force. (You would not believe the price of art materials, they are going through the roof.) Painted to order as multiples, limited to twenty.
Any questions, do ask. If you want an extra-large version, a handy 60 x 60 cm, then please do contact me as I can do 'em for Christmas.
Thanks, friends.


We interrupt this blog to announce #livedraw TONIGHT

First one, Roy Hodgson

Adrian Chiles, from World Cup 2014 #livedraw

You may remember #livedraw, it happens at Eurovision and the World Cup as a way of bringing art to your mind from the medium of National Telly then onto canvas then to the internet via the Twitter then here etc. It's a social art experiment that's a) not an experiment and b) is quite social and c) has got some art in it.

The football's on tonight, a "friendly" between England and Scotland. Oh yes. And wooh. But what is it really about? Is it about millionaires in shorts? Is it about goals? Is it about art? Or is it about Mylene Klass and her many Mansions? Who knows. Anyway, there's going to be some #livedraw tonight so get some gin, turn on the telly and watch the Twitter.
Update: for tonight I've gone posh with wine and some reduced price bread that, quite frankly, I wouldn't have bought had it not been reduced. And it's still expensive.


This is Roy Hodgson. He measures 18 x 12 cm, acrylics on canvas board.


Gordon measures 18 x 12 cm, acrylics on canvas board.


This measures 18 x 12 cm, acrylics on canvas board. This one has been finished after the most wine. Which makes it more precious.


In what people refer to as "the past", back in the midsts of time before time actually had midsts and was called Olde Tymme or something - Raw Art was called the Outsider Christmas Art Shop. For lovers of facts I have just checked the records – and I can confirm that it was two years ago.
How. Time. Flies.
It's now nearly Christmas again - we don't want to think that but we must. It's bloody November and here we all are. Loveable, difficult, offensive – but utterly clueless. And utterly unprepared.
Bearing this in mind, the Raw Art Outsider Christmas Art shop countdown to the festive season is BACK. Back Back Back. And the thinking person's crumpet, Father Christmas, is coming down our collective chimney quite soon.
And what do we want when our chimneys are thus preparing? (?)
Cards. That's what. Raw Art Christmas cards.

Yes. It's true.
These are cheeky little cards, measuring a sensitive 10x15cm. They have the sort of Christmas messages, printed with an exclusive stamp, that only the discerning festive art fan will appreciate. Here are detailed photos:

CARD NUMBER ONE: Pissy Christmas

CARD NUMBER TWO: Crappy Pissy Christmas


CARD NUMBER FOUR: Another Nice Boring

Packaged - cards n envelopes

These cards are strictly limited and are available until we run out - they are offered as a set of four, each with an envelope (pictured below, near Lou). Cost including postage and packing is a mere fiver. A fiver!!!! Buy them before they buy you. Or something.

Please do take some time look around the Raw Art site - artwork may be still available, ideal for top notch Wintertide gifts n that.

2014 Raw Art Badge Meltdown - SOLD OUT

And afternoon to you too. On this rather sunny day, teeming with garden birds and motorists and men with their stomachs out, here is the latest vital piece in the jigsaw puzzle that is Raw Art.
Badges are not known for their coruscating views or their ability to mix cocktails. But badges are friggin cool, right? They mark you as as a leader, not a follower. A wolf not a sheep. A man, a woman, a child. Or something else. But anyway, since they were invented in the 16th Century* they have been celebrated as small metal things with stuff on them that you can put on a coat.
And lo! It's 2014, the dawning of the Age of Badge-quarious where we, lovers of raw, lovers of art, want to wear some more, some brand new, some arty badges.
Here are four, sizzlin' hot, quick-as-you-like badges that won't put the kettle on.

Four badges, neatly arranged, glimmering in an intense heat


Perhaps the cheekiest of the quartet, Mr S Dog leers out at the passer by and stifles a growl. Or a howl. Or a small whimper. 


Actually he's just as cheeky. The Robert Wyatt obsession continues with this artwork which was originally drawn in pen and ink on a post it note.


Let it all out with this on-trend message "Up Yours". Based on a mood, a feeling, an intense urban anger arising from the foam-sodden streets of the UK from Dorset to Dundalk.

FREE!! BADGE NUMBER FOUR - HANGOVER ART CLUB - if you buy all the other three!!

True fans of art, or maybe not necessarily, are members of the Hangover Art Club. The HAC fails to meet once a month at an All Bar One in Heston. (Although there are rumours there's a splinter group at the Nandos in Feltham every other Thursday.) Wear this badge with pride. Wear this badge with a pint of cider.


....Just to show that they can.

If you would like one of these cruel, limited edition badges, it will cost you £1.60 each inc P&P. They are 25mm diameter. If you would like to buy three you get the exclusive HAC badge for free! I.e. four badges are a stonking £3.75 for the lot, including first class postage - plus membership to the Hangover Art Club.


* Source: Kelloggs

New Mug Poll for 2014

UPDATE:  votes have been counted and mugs ordered. Watch out, limited edition art mugs available soon. Yowsa.

Hello there, it's the Raw Art 2014 Mug Poll! Excitement, surely, abounds. Go on.
It does.
Here's your chance to vote for a Raw Art image you would like to see on a mug, sometime (hopefully) before Christmas. The mugs have featured in their own article (see "Press" link at the top of this page) and are widely known for their use in containing hot beverages. They are, even, dishwasher-proof (or so the bloke tells me but I'd wash them up by hand if I was you. Or NEVER USE THEM AT ALL. Etc.)
So - use your power to vote! It's not important, but it is political.
Sort of.

Robert Wyatt Acrylics Artwork

Hello there.
The Robert Wyatt obsession continues. Today I am here to show you the Robert Wyatt in acrylics, on canvas board. Mr Wyatt - he won't be beat. After the screenprint here is the acrylics version.
On canvas board, our Robert sits with a plaintive look in his eye. This is the Robert after - not the Robert before. This is the reflective guy - not the frenzied sticksman of Soft Machine. This is calm Robert. Thoughtful. Placid?

Robert Wyatt glances right

On mini easel

If you would like the cool serenity of a breezy Robert Wyatt painting then it is yours. Acrylics on canvas board, 20 x 20 cm. Limited to a mere twenty. Please allow 14 days for dispatch as the varnish has to dry etc etc. Perfect for all celebrations in and around the December period.
Any questions, do ask.

Roxy Music - New "Country Life" Artwork

Roxy Music. Those were the days.
I needn't go on.
Instead, I have got for you here new new new artwork. Taken from the Country Life album, two ladies are caught in the headlights. They haven't got many clothes on.
Usually I write a lot of guff about the artworks on the blog but all I can say is – here it is. Country Life.

Women, as, er, I see them

On an easel


Acrylics on canvas, 20x20cm. Sold as multiples, limited edition of 20. If you would like one painted to order please use the PayPal button below.

Large Bowie "Low" Art Art

Hey there funky cats.
It's Saturday. I've got a headache. Doesn't matter, because I've got a lot of art coming out of my fingertips. Before the Christmas Raw Art Shop gets going, I have a teasingly large Bowie painting on the so-called shop front, hanging in the window, looking lost and lonely. This measures 60 x 60cms and is painted on deep edge canvas in acrylics. It's well fancy but it's still sad. It's bright, but it's dull. It has our Iconic Dave looking over there - to him it's straight ahead but to us it's the right. The right side of what? The right of where? Or the right of a nice bit of Berlin where he can have a sit down with a cup of milky tea and little German bun sort of thing.
Or maybe not.

Detail. Young David looks over there.

Full picture. Bit intense.

Plonked on the floor.

As we all know, the Low cover is from a still from The Man Who Fell to Earth so it's actually looking at some bit of New Mexico after having snorted loads of cocaine in that special silvery spoon thing with no milky tea in sight. It's just as well. He's Dave, not Alan Bennett.

If you would like this bit of art on your own personal wall - or even someone else's - it can be yours. Price for UK inc P&P is £200 and I will paint to order. Watch out for mugs soon.


Throbbing Gristle - 20 Jazz Funk Greats - Special Edition

Hello there.
The weather is fine. There are still ice cubes in the freezer tray. There's some old wine in a corner and half a pack of Hula Hoops in the cupboard. Things are OK.
You may remember the Raw Art version of the 20 Jazz Funk Greats sleeve by Throbbing Gristle. Amazing original sleeve, amazing album. One of the best.
Demand was high at Raw Art Towers. The twenty limited 20x20cm boards all sold out. But still some people were asking about it and wanting one and... and... so I did it - I went and bought a massive 60c60cm canvas and painted another one. And I thought I'd show you, the people of the internet and the people of Real Life:

This is it, it's quite big.

On an easel, fresh and new.

Four cheery faces look out from the cliff at Beachy Head. They think industrial. They think electronic. They think some other stuff but it's probably best not to ask.
Painted in acrylics on deep edge (4cm) canvas this work is big enough to take over a wall, a room, an entire house. Just to confirm, it measures 60c60cm and will be sent via insured mail to UK or Europe. Price is £300 including postage and packing.
Any questions do ask.
And yes, I've left out the car.



#livedraw World Cup - It's Over

"Suarez bites"

Well, people of Mars, people of Saturn, the World Cup is over.
I had to write a post about the World Cup being over, because I like writing the phrase World Cup. Odd I know. But also it's an update.
Update 1: We have sold 19 paintings!
Update 2: We have raised £95 for Macmillan Cancer Support.
Update 3: There are still a couple of paintings left, namely David Luiz and his legs

If you would like to buy any of these items, well that's great. Please do so. Click the red words. Just have a go. Your reward will not only be in top quality art to place anywhere you wish, but also in the process of simply livin' your life.
Any questions, ask away.

July 2014
At the end of the World Cup.
Thank you.

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