Luke Haines Greasy Spoon Film

Luke Haines eats egg and chips.
Film by Sian Superman.

21st Century Outsider Man - SOLD OUT

Hello and welcome to an instalment of the Life we call Paint and the Arts we call Outsider.
We at Insider Outsider Art, the we being I, thought that maybe we had painted some book covers but - gasp - no album covers of El Haines. And albums, well, that's also what he does. Music, man. For what is music but bulging grapes on the vine of humanity ready to be chomped at a moment's notice? Or at least made into wine.
To make amends, the Superman Productions Workshop decided to paint an almost exact replica of the SPW's photograph of Mr Haines in the Hugo Ball-ish paper suit. This graced the cover of the 21st Century Man album which was available widely and loved broadly in the dusky nights of the latter part of 2009. 

We see the lonely Mr Haines staring out, music stand by his side, into the dark recess of a century in turmoil. He emits, blankly, and stands for another five minutes.
In this solace, we notice contemplation and meditative numbness that has been previously denied to us on more vigorous album covers.

If you are totally sane and want to build up your collection of likeable artworks which are a great investment and look very hunky, then the Superman Production Workshops will paint just TWO of these (ie just one more) and sell them to you for the lowly price below. 
Get in, before you leap out. Or similar.

NB Word has it the paypal button below is sometimes blocked with some browsers' adblock. Please consult your butler to try and unblock this to make a payment, if that at all makes sense. Or contact me direct via email or comments below.

Thanks and good beans to you.

Outsider Dad's Coffee Cream Liqueur

Sometimes art is not art without a little liquid liqueur to go with the froideur of arms and legs and paint and canvas.
This is my Outsider Dad's special recipe. My dad is not a traditional artist, but he knows how to rock a party. He makes all his drinks very strong. Here is the top section of his drinks cabinet (plus books):
And that's only some of it. My dad has various potions he experiments with and one is his Coffee Cream Liqueur. As winter approaches, and all the squirrels die in tiny tins, I propose that you warm your cockles with this recipe. Unlike wine or beer, it needs no time to ferment its magic booze and can be drunk immediately. It lasts for about a decade and can be given to babies*.

*Not true.

The recipe:

1 tin of evaporated milk
1 tin of condensed milk
half a pint of whisky
half a pint of strong coffee
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
1 teaspoon of almond essence  - (these are my Dad's own additions - "maybe not necessary" he says but I would disagree)

Try it, let me know. How does it smell? How does it taste? What colour is Tuesday? If you do share, then one day I may recount the day I drove a cat in a car through North London while he sat on the dashboard. Even though that particular story has got nothing directly to do with my Dad.
Thanking as ever, yours and the art world.

New Painting - Punk Rock Retro

From the famous painting by a Mr Tretchikoff - of 34 Acacia Avenue, Surbiton - comes the outsider art version of Chinese Woman Thinks About Stuff. Consider, if you will, the original. Worth thousands. Millions. Billions. Delighting people who like '50s thingibilia, all over this globe we call "the globe". 

Consider again, a print. A bit of paper that has been printed on. OK, but there you go. Throw it in the dustbin, son.
Now take a painting, a well good painting of a painting. It's original but a copy - and yet it's genuine, not knowing. It's painted in the Outsidery, Spidery style of one of the world's most Outsidery artists. And it's unique! See with yer eyes, it has the words "punk rock" painted on the right shoulder.
Detail of special bit.

 This is not an ironic piece, a po-mo slow-mo, but an item of work and graft. This could make you faint with delight. Every home should have one, but every home can't have one.
The canvas measures 30cm x 40cm. 
If you want to buy it there's a handy button over there....

New Rock Paintings for Sale

Aloha, and welcome to the Autumn days of Insider Outsider Art, where the winds blow wild about the countryside and large snogs of rain lash flirtatiously on windows. People sit inside, Britishly, Europely, Americanly, Chinesely or rest-of-the-worldly. The weather haunts us all, rainy or not, and now our thoughts turn to the dark sanctums – dark dark and more dark – the place we call home.
It's usually got a telly in it and maybe sometimes an oven and, hopefully in a different room, a bed.
That sort of thing. And of course the home has walls which may or may not have Outsider Art on them.
To commemorate the Greats of Rock, in a paintishly sort of way, Insider Outsider Art proudly presents the Rock Series. Two pictures, one depicting the brooding gorgeousness of Mr David Bowie in his Aladdin Sane mode but – this time – eyes open.

Bowie detail

And thence to the brooding etc. Marc Bolan, cheekily depicted in animal skin jumper, waiting to woo the gurls and also get some boys excited too. He lingers, lingeringly.

Bolan detail

Each painting measures 24cm x 30 cm and is painted thudding in acrylics. Each Bolan and Bowie is limited to just five paintings each - yes, a mere and nudey five - so perhaps you would like to rush along here. Fiendishly cheap, buxomly priced. A Paypal button awaits us below:

Prices inc P&P

Thankfully you.

**UPDATE - SOLD OUT - WAS "Art Still Left!"


Just wading through the endless trinkets and stuffed pythons that litter the work room only to find this little gem, sitting alone. It is infinitely masterful - and rather tasteful - and would suit a discerning front room or maybe even the inner sanctum of a shed. It is, especially at a few months old, more outsidery than ever. If you missed the Post Everything paintings this could be the one for you... go on, it is. It is you know. There is only ONE of these in the entire world. Savour the exclusivity. Marvel at the grain.
This features our fiery fiend as a disembodied head, one filled with menace and sarcasm – a gigantic two fingers [not pictured] to the world. “Bad Vibes” is also its name and such is its game. 

The painting is in acrylic paint, on canvas, and measures 16" by 12". Maybe iconic.
I've decided to offer this at the NEW 2011 knockdown rate of £80 and that includes UK postage n packing. Anywhere else in the world, £90.


All paintings sold.
Thank you.
This is a short film about going to the Post Office to post some Outsider artworks.

Why not watch it.

Post Everything Paintings

A mysterious man peers through the bubble wrap of an island-like existence:

An Outsider Artist wipes a glossy brow.
Outside, some things have been on fire.
What this means is that seven paintings in the Post Everything series of ten have been completed and are due to be sent out tomorrow. Would have done it today but the Post Office was closing early for

Obvious Reasons.

Hold on - seize that palette once more young buck! - two more to be painted by a trembling hand and no. 10/10 is yet to be purchased.
By whom? And why? And what. If you would like to be that What, that number ten, that bastion of all that is last-ness and you are safe and warm, you can buy it now. Or in a minute.


Post Everything Painting - ONLY ONE LEFT

News update - only ONE painting is left in this series of ten of Luke Haines' Post Everything book jacket. Get in quick, sirs or madam.
Original book jacket

You may be familiar with the Art Event of Summer 2009 - which wasn't the Royal Academy Summer exhibition oh no - but where the world of British Outsider Art was turned on its head with the sale of Bad Vibes multiple paintings. Many were bought, all were loved. Some were even displayed on walls, in homes, and probably provided excellent subject matter when the conversational ball was close to dropping like yer proverbial rock.
And so now, Summer of 2011, and the grand mass of Outsider Art and Haines and Superman fans have finished the new Haines memoir Post Everything and are twiddling their collective thumbs, wondering just how to fill in those awkward pauses in social situations without a new painting to incite discussion, ignite passion and formulate New Ways for Living.
Original painting commissioned for publishers William Heinemann

And so I am selling ten - and no more - multiples of the above image, each hand-painted lovingly onto pure, fresh canvas, based on the original painting commissioned by publishers William Heinemann. As you will note, it varies slightly from the published jacket in composition. The works will measure 30 x 40 cms and will be painted in acrylics. You may have missed out on the original Bad Vibes paintings, you may have seen your conversational ball with unwanted visitors plummet at regular intervals. 
(example of the Bad Vibes painting)
You may even have felt morose and dead inside because you did not have a painting of your own. You may even have a Bad Vibes painting and want a loving little canvassy companion for it. Now, esteemed person, here is your chance.

Please choose correct posting option. One painting per person. 
Thank you very much.

Post Everything Book Jacket

This is the jacket to the Post Everything book, the second memoir by Luke Haines. Mr Sian Superman was asked to paint the cover of the book and thus it was so. It's a very good book. Why not buy it? Click here if you think it's your cup of tea. You might have read the first book, Bad Vibes, and liked that. You might want to read this one first, as you are the type who has no truck with sequential narratives. Maybe you just like the cover and are indeed 'judging a book by its cover'. And why not? Thanks.

Bad Vibes Painting - update - NOW SOLD


If you remember, and maybe you bloody well don't, that it was two lovely years ago when forty Bad Vibes paintings were sold by me, Sian Superman.... Multiples of my husband's - L. Haines' - book jacket. The paintings, which were 30x40cms and painted in acrylics, went far, they went near. They were posted and they arrived. They were hung on a wall, or hidden in a cupboard, or burnt in a satanic pyre by naked people with bananas on their heads. One cheeky type even tried to sell his "extra" painting on eBay and was - alas - not successful. Well, not when I looked anyway. Not the TWICE he put it on there.
And thus it is - Superman Towers has found an extra! A Bad Bad Vibes, one which was lurking near a pile of empty polystyrene packing, which once housed some jointed rabbit.
It is here, smiling, un-lurking, glistening even. But it wants a new home. It is going to growl at you, oh yes, if you don't buy it. It might even eat a plate of spaghetti and invite some mice round to share some garlic bread.
Outsider Art.
This one is number twelve and if you're dead fast you can buy it for £110 inc postage ANYWHERE.
That means, acquaintances, that if you live on the actual moon, Superman will try and get it there.
Try, though. Not expecting that to happen etc.
Let's go. Let's Art.

Art Gallery - "Dog" Artwork on Show

NEWS FLASH - Pop Up Art Gallery

From tonight, ie 27th May 2011, a pop up art gallery is showing Sian Superman's Outsider Art, including Georgia May Jagger (above), Britney and John and Edward.
This is a rare opportunity to see these 'mazin' things in actual real life
and not on the internet, oh no not at all.
It's at 19 Swains Lane, London N6 6QX. Open weekends, mainly.
I don't think the place has a name yet, it's so new and unformed and potentially potential.
But if it does, I will find it out. Probably.
Tonight there is booze and cake at least, and lots of work by other artists too including quite a good raven scultpure.

A Drink's Too Wet Without One

In response to the really good Eddie Argos 'Ignorance is Bliss' paintings of Marlboro packets, I painted this. I was tempted just to copy Eddie's, and become a painting tribute act called Addie Ergos, but he might sue me.
I once smoked Craven As for a college play, in the days you could smoke anywhere.
It was great.

Direct Value

I kept the Local Pound Shop flyer for a few years.
Many years.
Too many years.
Because I didn't want to throw it away. Then I wondered how it would look as a painting, especially if some young girls bling-ed up from French Vogue were painted quite quickly (and not very well) at the bottom of the painting.
And they looked like they might go to the Pound Shop in Fortess Road.
Or they might go for about a pound if they got in with the wrong crowd.
Direct Value.

Finally Got the Plasticine Model to do Karate

The Plasticine Luke Haines does karate to celebrate playing at the QEH, Southbank, July 13 2011.
And why not.

Kate Moss - Acrylics on Saatchi Sensation Catalogue 1999

Beverly Callard Multi-Tych

Today, let's hark to the early renaissance and the two dimensional portraits artists made of Christian deities. From Giotto and his beatific St Stephen, thence to hop nimbly over to digital portraits taken from ITV's This Morning.
Beverly Callard talks to Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about her brain tumour.
Bev goes into quite horrific detail about her brain on the programme, but here rendered in photographic stills she seems close to God.
A bit.

Estate Agent Art

Art that used to hang in an estate agents...
Art that also used to hang in an estate agents....
Sometimes, that's just what art's about.

Latest Artwork - Ikea Bistro

It's a put-anywhere, do-anything, constant Outsider Art reminder of the furniture store's special food bit when you get to the exit and the car park. 
Feel free, feel breezy, feel Bistro. 
Rendered in the exact colours of the Ikea Food bit, it is joy and laughter, chips 'n' hot dogs, melamine and glue.
Look out for other versions in different colours, to follow.
Here it is without the daffodils:
If you would like one let me know. They measure 24x30cms. They are painted in acrylics. They are probably quite cheap.

Luke Haines Portrait - Around the World #2

Haines' portrait plus superman art in Los Angeles.

Luke Haines Portrait - Around the World

This is one of the Outsider Art Luke Haines portraits of - yes - 2009.
It reached all the way to Portland, Oregon and this is it, on the mantelpiece.
At Insider Outsider Art, we feel that no portrait is complete without a nearby wild boar's head, so if you did buy a Haines "Bad Vibes', you will need to get down to the local taxidermist pronto. And red wine, you need that too.
(Thanks to Miss Velvet via Twitterpops.)

Outsider Music 51 - An Appraisal with Pictures

And so... Mr Haines plays the guitar and sings to create Outsider Music Vol 51, live at the London Hoxton Pony venue, 19 January 2011. Sian Superman paints along, acrylics drippin' and canvas splinterin' in the blistering heat. 40 minutes later an historic gig is born. All those (mainly) unheard songs etc.
And an historic portrait of the bard himself is born. By the wife. All those unseen colours and thematic groupings.
Apparently, I got in the way of a woman in the audience who could not see the Haines 'cos of the picture, and thus decided to get a pre-prepared bagel out of her bag and eat it in defiance. Many apologies, woman who decided to eat a bagel.
Outsider Bagel no 1.
A nice man called Simon, I think [that he was called Simon, and that he was nice], won the picture in the raffle at the end [below]. He is on the right.
I spoke to him afterwards, ill-advisedly, telling him the paint might still be wet and I think he thought I was being nosey.

[Many thanks to GD Preston for the photographs.]


To accompany Mr Luke Haines on his one and only Outsider Music concert at the Hoxton Pony, January 19 2011, Siân Superman (that is me, the wife) will be painting LIVE on stage.
30 golden minutes of Outsider Music - 30 treacherous, vodka-sodden, paint-splattered, 100% figurative minutes to paint a complete canvas artwork of Mr Haines' a-singin' and a-strummin'.
In case you have forgotten, Superman's outsider portraits of Haines were made for sale in a limited edition of copies of 40 in May 2009.

Click here to go to the Ticketweb site, if you need to buy more tickets, or indeed less.
The painting will be raffled off/thrown into the baying crowd at the end of the evening.
DISCLAIMER: If the easel I got off of Freecycle falls apart and spears anyone in the head legal complaints will not be upheld.

Happy New Year of Hangovers

Although someone has already called him 'adorable' this horrendous creature will actually puncture your insides with gloom as a hangover guy. His sprightly tance (sic) will hook into your eyes and could bring his friend, the horse migraine, with him.
Not that I am wishing hangovers on anyone this year it's just they are inevitable and actually quite good when you get into them. So, maybe I am wishing hangovers on everyone I know and that's just that - it's ok, keep quiet, enjoy it, it won't last long.
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