21st Century Outsider Man - SOLD OUT

Hello and welcome to an instalment of the Life we call Paint and the Arts we call Outsider.
We at Insider Outsider Art, the we being I, thought that maybe we had painted some book covers but - gasp - no album covers of El Haines. And albums, well, that's also what he does. Music, man. For what is music but bulging grapes on the vine of humanity ready to be chomped at a moment's notice? Or at least made into wine.
To make amends, the Superman Productions Workshop decided to paint an almost exact replica of the SPW's photograph of Mr Haines in the Hugo Ball-ish paper suit. This graced the cover of the 21st Century Man album which was available widely and loved broadly in the dusky nights of the latter part of 2009. 

We see the lonely Mr Haines staring out, music stand by his side, into the dark recess of a century in turmoil. He emits, blankly, and stands for another five minutes.
In this solace, we notice contemplation and meditative numbness that has been previously denied to us on more vigorous album covers.

If you are totally sane and want to build up your collection of likeable artworks which are a great investment and look very hunky, then the Superman Production Workshops will paint just TWO of these (ie just one more) and sell them to you for the lowly price below. 
Get in, before you leap out. Or similar.

NB Word has it the paypal button below is sometimes blocked with some browsers' adblock. Please consult your butler to try and unblock this to make a payment, if that at all makes sense. Or contact me direct via email or comments below.

Thanks and good beans to you.

Outsider Dad's Coffee Cream Liqueur

Sometimes art is not art without a little liquid liqueur to go with the froideur of arms and legs and paint and canvas.
This is my Outsider Dad's special recipe. My dad is not a traditional artist, but he knows how to rock a party. He makes all his drinks very strong. Here is the top section of his drinks cabinet (plus books):
And that's only some of it. My dad has various potions he experiments with and one is his Coffee Cream Liqueur. As winter approaches, and all the squirrels die in tiny tins, I propose that you warm your cockles with this recipe. Unlike wine or beer, it needs no time to ferment its magic booze and can be drunk immediately. It lasts for about a decade and can be given to babies*.

*Not true.

The recipe:

1 tin of evaporated milk
1 tin of condensed milk
half a pint of whisky
half a pint of strong coffee
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
1 teaspoon of almond essence  - (these are my Dad's own additions - "maybe not necessary" he says but I would disagree)

Try it, let me know. How does it smell? How does it taste? What colour is Tuesday? If you do share, then one day I may recount the day I drove a cat in a car through North London while he sat on the dashboard. Even though that particular story has got nothing directly to do with my Dad.
Thanking as ever, yours and the art world.

New Painting - Punk Rock Retro

From the famous painting by a Mr Tretchikoff - of 34 Acacia Avenue, Surbiton - comes the outsider art version of Chinese Woman Thinks About Stuff. Consider, if you will, the original. Worth thousands. Millions. Billions. Delighting people who like '50s thingibilia, all over this globe we call "the globe". 

Consider again, a print. A bit of paper that has been printed on. OK, but there you go. Throw it in the dustbin, son.
Now take a painting, a well good painting of a painting. It's original but a copy - and yet it's genuine, not knowing. It's painted in the Outsidery, Spidery style of one of the world's most Outsidery artists. And it's unique! See with yer eyes, it has the words "punk rock" painted on the right shoulder.
Detail of special bit.

 This is not an ironic piece, a po-mo slow-mo, but an item of work and graft. This could make you faint with delight. Every home should have one, but every home can't have one.
The canvas measures 30cm x 40cm. 
If you want to buy it there's a handy button over there....

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