#livedraw World Cup - It's Over

"Suarez bites"

Well, people of Mars, people of Saturn, the World Cup is over.
I had to write a post about the World Cup being over, because I like writing the phrase World Cup. Odd I know. But also it's an update.
Update 1: We have sold 19 paintings!
Update 2: We have raised £95 for Macmillan Cancer Support.
Update 3: There are still a couple of paintings left, namely David Luiz and his legs

If you would like to buy any of these items, well that's great. Please do so. Click the red words. Just have a go. Your reward will not only be in top quality art to place anywhere you wish, but also in the process of simply livin' your life.
Any questions, ask away.

July 2014
At the end of the World Cup.
Thank you.

#livedraw World cup FINAL tonight - SOLD OUT

The match

Wow, and what a load of, erm, nothing it's been. A game with no goal till extra time. Men tripping each other over. People looking on. Faces painted. Nowhere else to go. Adrian Chiles.
But lo! The last night and Raw Art did some painting. Where are Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull when you need them?


If you would like to get one, get in quick. 13 x 18 cm, acrylics on canvas board.



And then... the whole match. What was it? What did it look like? It looked like this:

13 x 18 cm acrylics on canvas board. Fiver to Macmillan Cancer Support. Postage inc.


#livedraw World Cup - David Luiz Artwork - STILL AVAILABLE

Hey, gerbils. We're on the penultimate game. It's happening now. And it's well boring. Holland are winning 3-0 at present and Brazil are just bouncing around, unsure of what to do.
I have, whilst all this highly-publicised monotony is going on, been painting David Luiz. You may remember his legs (featured below) from an earlier match. This is the companion piece. It forms a very long diptych - this is David Luiz - the upper half.

Luiz looks at the match. Confused. Hair ripples


Here is Luiz with his legs. Note: they can be arranged differently.

You know it: acrylics on canvas board 13 x 18 cm. Fiver goes to Macmillan Cancer. See PayPal options for overseas prices. Postage included. Go people go.

If you would like to buy his legs too, the PayPal button is below

Acrylics on canvas board 13 x 18 cm. Fiver goes to Macmillan Cancer. See PayPal options for overseas prices. Postage included


Hello and good evening. Welcome to Raw Art Towers, which aint that high and not that towery - to give you an update on all things #livedraw.
Before the final two matches this weekend, I am offering you - yes you [and maybe you] and someone else - the chance to bag one two three or four paintings which commemorate the World Cup. These masterpieces of space and time get more poignant as the games proceed. Those young pups whom aspired to so much have often been left with so little. Some of the other pups have been stretchered away, or cried. Others have triumphed. The paintings gain weight - big heavy stuffs - as time goes forward.
What am I trying to say?


So far you and Raw Art have raised £85 for Macmillan Cancer Support. That's good - but it's not that good etc etc. I'm trying to scale the giddy heights here, I'm trying to paint so good and so of the moment ie quite fast because I want us – yes us – to try and get over £100 for Macmillan.
We can do it. We're sports fans. Or arts fans. Or Both. [Or neither.]
Join me in this giddy parade. I am doing my damndest. We've got a big weekend ahead of us. There'll be more paintings, yes, but not that many as my fingers can't go that quickly.

If you aren't familiar with #livedraw it's this: I paint a picture on canvas board as the game happens or just before, while watching it on the telly. Subject matter is the game, the presenters or the sports persons. I put it up on Twitter, then I put it on this website and for every painting £5 goes to Macmillan. Any more questions please ask.
I think I'd better hush now.

PAINTING ONE - Thiago Silva

Mr T Silva

You know what happens next - the painting is 13 x 18 cm acrylics on canvas board. It costs £20 inc P&P (UK) and £5 goes to Macmillan Cancer Support.

#livedraw World Cup Germany v Brazil - ONE LEFT

Oh dear. Oh dear dear dear.

It all started quite badly when Twitter stopped me trying to write L I V E D R A W tonight, mid-way through.
The tweets were spelling "evil" because the "draw" bit wasn't being tweeted (a Twitter policy thing, no doubt). It wasn't good. People noticed. Problems. It was #evildraw. It was wrong.
Then the match.
Tonight was Germany v Brazil. Everyone thought Brazil would win. By everyone, I mean a lot of people. But then without little Neymar, it became obvious. Brazil were not going to win – no way.

Germany – goal after goal after goal. Five goals in a minute – I mean fifteen minutes, or near enough. Brazil couldn't hack it. Oh lord. It was bad. Very bad.

So I painted some #livedraw #evildraw pictures.


Tears of blood. A man with a gun. A "score".
This painting is now available as part of the #livedraw series. Acrylics on canvas board, 18 x 13 cms.



Well, make of this what you will. It's the whole team crying 'cos they're not very good anymore.

These paintings are forever, but always changing meaning, always fluctuating in time and space – and they can be yours for hardly any pence. 13 x 18 cm acrylics on canvas board, fiver from each painting goes to Macmillan Cancer Support. Any questions do ask.

#livedraw World Cup - Brazil v Colombia

Hello there. Welcome to another evening of #livedraw World Cup.
The Germany v France game was standard enough, a football, some men in shorts kicked it about, someone scored (for Germany). They all went off afterwards. Hm.

But the Brazil v Colombia game is more like it. The men are more excited. They are trying to kick the ball into the goal more. There is a palpable - yes - thrill to the thing and the crowd are – some of them – painted green like the Incredible Hulk 'cos of one of the Brazil team blah blah blah.

So! I have painted top first-scorer Thiago Silva. He's a cheeky captain laddie, seen here with circular halo; thinking about the circular ball. The temperatures are up. It's red and rising.
It's currently half time so who knows what may happen next?

PAINTING ONE - Thiago Silva

Mr T Silva

You know what happens next - the painting is 13 x 18 cm acrylics on canvas board. It's yours inc P&P (UK) for £20 and £5 goes to Macmillan Cancer Support. So far we have raised £75 so that's AMAZING and well done everyone have another glass of wine or gin or sambuca. Any questions, do ask.

PAINTING TWO - David Luiz' Legs

He is known for his hair, by some. But David Luiz has long legs and for Brazil he uses them to score goals. Goals and more goals. (And a bit of running.) When the others aren't scoring that is. Here is a Raw Art painting dedicated to his legs and that mighty goal in the second half of the game.

Legs, as if in the air.

Legs yet to kick the ball.

This painting is 13 x 18 cm acrylics on canvas board. It will be varnished before shipping, as will every #livedraw painting. It costs a very very very paltry £20 (inc UK P&P) and £5 from each painting goes to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Many paintings now sold out but new ones are added all the time and there are some stragglers so please look at the blog posts. If you have that sort of schedule. You may not have time. Fair enough. Thanks. OK.
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