Happy Bloody Christmas!

Happy New Year

Thanks for all your orders and a Merry Christmas 2014 from Raw Art.

Raw Art Christmas - Week Four - TELEVISION Marquee Moon

Hey cats.
I've painted Television - the Marquee Moon album. It's a great cover. I usually hate the skinny white boys rock band thing but they all look so incredible. So tense. So beautiful but really bloody miserable with all that NY angst and pollution and blankness and stuff. They look punk. Of course they do.


Television, again

Like the Beach Boys, they're a sort of boy band. A pop band. My God, you think again, looking a bit closer, they are made out of magic dust.

If you would like a painting they are done as multiples, as per usual, max 20 but probably 10. They measure 20 x 20 cm, acrylics on canvas board. If you order before December 15 I will try and get your painting to you for Christmas. Even if I have to walk to your house in the snow.

It's nearly 2015. Aint that strange.

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