Bowie Bowie Bowie. The dame himself. Mr D Bowie.
He still walks among us.  And,  because it is nearly Christmas,  that oh-ho-ho-so spécial time of year,  I was looking at a dusty ledger book the other day only to realise - aweurgh ! -  that we never quite "sold out" of the Dame David Low canvas board artwork wot we had been sellin' earlier pon de year. 
So! If you want one of these as a nifty piece of Festive shin-diggery,  or if you are simply bored and buying things on the internet because you have too much time and cash,  then you are in luck. There are a few left. 
 Each is hand-painted smoothly on 18cm x 13cm canvas board. 

Here are some photos:
DB looks over there. 

Low on cutting board, near some paints.

Low Detail. Look at that nose. I can do noses.

Low in hand, to show size (and hand).

If you would like one, it's £45 inc. "signed for" UK first class postage. Scroll for international prices inc P&P.  Each piece takes a few days to paint as we (my elves and I) have to wait for the varnish to dry properly before posting.

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