Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 2010 from Sian Superman.

Larkin Madonna News Story Mash Up

(Click on it to make it bigger.)

Wedding Announcement/Howard Donald Outsider Art

It's not often a Royal Wedding is announced, even rarer that a Super Injunction is lifted from a member of senior boy band Take That. But yesterday, that happened: Kate 'n' William; Howard Donald 'n' the Law. Here is thoughtful Howard, thinking about his bad deeds, as HRHRHRH William and Kate Moss frolick sensually in the background. Congratulations to all.

OM - Promo Film

A stop-motion short film to promote Luke Haines' Outsider Music. Watch the plasticine figure fly.

Sex Dog etc.

Trawling through the detritus - well, a spare drive - I found some images of very old artwork.
Obviously deranged, but temptingly so and delectably stoopid. A rock n roll sex dog and a really odd nudey lady. What larks indeed in the troubled mind of a youngish person. And that's just the lady in the picture, eh. ONE DAY THIS STUFF WILL BE KNOWN. Ish.

A Bookmark, Blogged

Click here for 'Knit for Victory' blog about a bookmark I made a very long time ago.... 


Would You Like A Job?

The latest in the moveable world of pen 'n' ink to canvas, ie the smooth-swiftly version of 'would you like a job?' picture which was a special commission for this outsider artist. Thanks to Glenn! It's in the post.

cheryl cole II

This is the second in maybe the pointless cheryl cole triptych. See her gaze out in designer clothes, into the eyes of the viewer, who may or may not be interested.


i have drawn my hangover, now these are two migraine headaches.
the first is quite horrible and spikey, but invariably enthusiastic.

the second is evil but thankfully short:

i'll let you know if i develop a brain tumour.

Underneath Art

Art found underneath black card in a secondhand frame.
Look at the wonderful boats, the sense of longing, the vast island in the background which speaks of yearning and destruction.
Time to put it back in its frame and herald its mastery.
I am now on the look out for more 'underneath art'... watch this space.

Found Art in Street

Framed Rothko print (unless it was a well-disguised original) this morning, in quite a decent frame, NW5. Almost quite unbelievable that the person should have thought this please-all piece far too much for their home. Or perhaps they thought that the colours suited the outside on a shitty March morning much better. Which actually makes it - Outside Art. Needless to say, within moment (ie when I went back for it) it had gone - to become Inside Art once more, I presume.
Two days ago I found this:

...on a wall in NW3. It still had canvas board, turps and old tubes of paint and charcoal in it, from 1809. Or something. I don't think they put the word 'Amateur' on art sets anymore. Puts the paying public off.

New *Painting* of a Hangover

The first hangover painting, rather than sketch, is here - like a beacon of portent on a Saturday night, speaking -like a ghoulish monster of dreary headpinchyness - of the ills of the Night After. That is, Sunday - and the Sunday hangover (which will actually go if you keep drinking all day until, preferably, Tuesday). But anyway, it is Saturday at the moment here in London town and here it is, this picture. If you would like to own this totally original piece of art, wot like no one has ever done before, it will cost you £80 plus very moderate p&p. [Acrylic on canvas, 30cms x 40cms.] You can contact me here for all enquiries. I'm off down the pub.

Another drawing of a hangover

Outsider Art in Bin

So, Michael Landy and your Damien Hirsts in your so-called art bin. This is real art, in a real bin, in London NW3 - discovered moments ago. It's a piece of Matisse-inspired art, maybe taking in a bit of Chris Ofilli on the way - and surely a comment on the role of women, and apples. Or are they pomegranates? The piece is unsigned and still in the bin on top of a carton of strawberry Yazoo milk, in case you want to get it, near Parliament Hill Fields tennis courts.


Drawing a Hangover

Sometimes I draw my hangover. This was a particularly nasty one in Wales, last year:
This was a bad one in Starbucks where I was quite confused:
This one is actually a headache:
This one is the hangover I would have had, if I'd been bothered to drink the night before:

Prada Girls

Seeing pictures of thin children with back-combed hair and tomato-coloured lipstick for the new Prada S/S 10 collection, inspired me to draw them. They look like kids on holiday - gawky, inexperienced, prone to falling over very suddenly, sulky if they don't get an ice cream in the next ten minutes. Contrary-wise, I like it. A lot. They is rockin' a good look. (Even though in all reality, older women who sit in Highgate cafes talking about their loft extensions buy Prada. I think.) So I'd better draw those types too, then. Soon.
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