SOLD OUT - "Off My Rocker" Postcard Art from Luke Haines

'Off My Rocka At The Hawkwind Interface' - a ltd edition of 10 postcard-size paintings (18cm x 13cm). Acrylic on canvas board, painted by Luke Haines. Individually numbered and signed.

Members of Hawkwind (in this case Brock, Lemmy, Calvert, and Del Dettmar) have once again taken to the skies. On this adventure they are singing the words to the title song of the 2006 Luke Haines album 'Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop', to celebrate its re-release.

Each postcard depicts a different 'phase' of Hawkwinds 'Off My Rocker' Journey. Each will be sent out randomly, it will not be possible to choose your image.



Price: £30 each, Europe £33, rest of world £36 all inc P&P.

Iggy Pop Lust For Life - Artwork

Hey guys! Iggy. Iggy Pop* here. I am delighted to announce a new artwork taken from my incredible album Lust For Life, which contains some wild tunes on it and a fairly insaaaaane cover.
My friends as Outsider Christmas art (wooh) have decided to turn me into 20cm x 20cm canvas board. This is rad. This freaks me. (Whatever it is I say.) Anyway, here it is:



Detail: slightly mental

This, my friends, is available as a limited edition multiple (of 10) all for the price of £49 inc UK "signed for" first class postage.
Any questions, you know who to call. Now eat me.

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