Have a look around the site...

...many of the paintings on this site are still available! They include painty style stuff such as:

Johnny Thunders So Alone

Sleaford Mods


Robert Wyatt

David Live

There are other artbits too. Soap, bands, badges. Yeah, have a look. Go on. An artwork is for Christmas, and sometimes for life.

PS We at Raw Art Towers haven't made our collective mind up about mugs this year. They're quite annoying to put in the post. Watch this so-called space. Contact us for commissions but not for the mad stuff, thanks.

#livedraw England V Lithuania

Hey cool cats – it's #livedraw tonight over at the Twitter. Watch this space. England V Lithuania, Euro Championship Qualifying thingy Group E whatnot. Here is a selection of snaps as the art took shape...

It was, an, er, OK game. And it's over now... but importantly - it was livedraw. And here are the paintings. Both still available!

Watercolour 1: Green "Artificial Turf" with Oxlade-Chamberlain in lead position. Hodgson in the background. And some ads. Plus action. A4 size - watercolour on paper.

Watercolour 2: Golden Opportunity with Hodgson in foreground. Harry "Killer" Kane in background. Plus Philosophy. A4 size - watercolour on paper.

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