Last Orders

Thanks for all the orders of the MR LUKE HAINES Bad Vibes pictures.
As these works are 'limited edition" you will need to place your Last Orders 11.10pm UK time, Friday 3rd July. Please email me if you would like one. (NB It will not actually say "last chance!" on it unless required.) There will be no more in this series after this point.
Watch our for further artworks - including Eddie Argos and a lion - and many more to be announced.

Important News

I am so proud to announce that the newest rapscallion in the Pantheon of Insidery, Spidery, Outsidery Art will be Eddie Argos from 'mazin' punkies Art Brut. Eddie has personally - and advancingly - approved to have his portrait painted standing next to the King of Roarers, a lion. This painting has not actually been started yet but it will be soon. Come back to find out more.

The Countryside Scares Me

Just thought I'd mention it.

This is Outsider Nixey

The restless Sarah Nixey - the golden-tonsilled chanteuse from Black Box Recorder, gazes out and meets the viewer's eyes. Square on. Undeterred and powerful... yet still wanting.
Inspired by Chaim Soutine, this acrylic painting (24cms x 30 cms) captures the Outsider Nixey from the album cover "The Facts of Life". BBR logo in corner. So far, 1 of 1. May stretch to 2. £80, Paypal is the option. Email here for details.
As approved by Miss Nixey herself.

We Told You The Truth About Rock n Roll

Here is a small selection, just to tantalise, of four different visions of the enigma that is so often our bard Luke Haines. Picture 1 sees him smart and noble. The next shouts a contrary tale. Another sees a cheeky lean towards the viewer and the sky darken accordingly while the next shows our hero relaxing - buttonhole in place - enjoying the view. Every painting is more placid and yet momentous as our story unfolds.
As one happy customer across the pond puts it: "the eyes are little pools of contempt, but his humanity is also there, in the pant leg".
This art is selling like proverbial Outsider hot cakes - warm too - and if you don't snap yours up while the paint is still drippy on the canvas, then it may be too late. These works will not be around forever.
£100 each inc. uK p&p. Paypal preferred. Email here for more glancey information.
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