NEW! David Bowie - "Heroes" Artwork

We could be heroes... just for one day - but why not... for a little bit more? On a wall or in a shelf? In the hallway or the airing cupboard? Let's face it, we can be heroes as and when we please with this piece of outsider art. And then some.

Here is Mr Bowie, from the cover of the 1977 album. He has his left hand up in the air. He is deep in darkest thought; he looks like a statue. He is a hero, of course, but a flawed one. Mr David, tell us your secrets... swim with the dolphins, stand by the wall.


Mr D B on a stand.

Here is a square artwork this time, 20 cm x 20cm on canvas board.
I, I will be king and you, you will be queen... and this will again be limited to 20 multiples, all painted to order. It's £49 inc. first class "signed for" UK p&p. Please scroll PayPal button for international options. 
Thanks and thanks again.
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