Johnny Thunders Artwork

Johnny Thunders. So Alone. Yeah, he is.

Johnny sits in a yellow corner, legs splayed, looking for all the world like he's lost everything.
And yes – rock n roll is about loss, it's about desolation - despite what they tell you. Songs are sadness and life is cruel and Johnny - victim and heartbreaker - is going to tell you all about it. You can't put your arms around a memory. Leave me alone. (She's So) Untouchable. I'm sitting in a chair looking totally fucking cool but fuck me where's the fucking party? (That's not an actual song.)
But then rock n roll changes like quicksilver, or something else very very fast. And rock n roll is now about magic and beauty, it's a Great Big Kiss. Subway Train. And feeling quite good in some especially new trousers from a ladies store and hey it's all back to mine for a punk rock disco and seventeen thousands grammes of coke n some rum. It's 1978 and the world owes you summin. (Or however they would say it in New York.)
And back to feeling like shite again.
The vocals on You Can't Put Your Arms around a memory are a dream in breathless simplicity. It's such a great song. And Ask Me No Questions.
Anyway, I'm sitting in my kitchen and it's the weather's fucking tops and I don't care so go Johnny go. Stop feeling sad. Get out there and buy some new trousers. Go and take some drugs. 
RIP Johnny T.


If you would like to order please use one of the PayPal buttons below. Acrylics on canvas board - please allow maximum of a couple of weeks for painting, varnishing and delivery.
"It doesn't pay to try, all the smart boys know why
It doesn't mean I didn't try..."

British Nuclear Bunkers Video

Here's the full-length promo – which I produced and directed – for new album from Luke Haines – "British Nuclear Bunkers". Features lemons, yoga, gorilla, etc.

Digital Spy piece here.

#livedraw England Qualifier now now now - SOLD

Just drawn the England v Switzerland #livedraw football qualifier. 2-0. To England. Them. Us.
They're going nuts for Rooney and his 50 goals. Internationally. Or something. They love him.
If you don't already know I often do livedraw - especially football. Maybe Eurovision. Sometimes big elections (they don't always go so well. Bit contentious. Surprising).
Anyway, do go back to the Twitter timeline and see the work in process. If you have time.
It's livedraw! Stuff to draw live. Art and sport. Football and watercolour. Art and life.
Live it. It lives you.

Final Score


If you would like to buy this artwork it is 
a) unique
b) watercolour on paper
c) £50 inc P&P
d) about A3-ish size or just below
Please use the PayPal button below....
Thank you.


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