Richard Hell

Happy New Year, if it's still all right to say that. 
I have been listening to quite a lot ("quite a lot" - not very committal is it) of Richard Hell in the first couple of weeks of the year. Made sense to me. And I wanted to paint him and listen while I painted. Music that is about confusion and failure is a lot better to paint to than Simply The Best – although having written that down it might be good to do a sort of Power Anthem triptych along with We Built This City and Footloose. Or a Tina Turner special. And see what it comes out like...
Anyway. Confusion and failure are still AOK with me and Richard Hell is also a great name and is sort of inspiration for the Superman name... except I think Hell is much better – but it was taken.
I think we're all still in the blank generation, quite frankly. Or are we post-blank? Fake-blank? Almost dead? Probably.
And here it is, a version of the Blank Gen sleeve. There was, yes, a plectrum next to the brushes so I included that. Next time I may paint with a plectrum and see what happens (it's not unlike a palette knife) although that actually sounds dreadful written down.
Or I might do another Bros painted with spoons.

with "palette knife"

he's ripped his t shirt

Painted in acrylics on "Ampersand" archival art board, measures 13 x 20 cm. Any questions or for commissions, please use the contact page.

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