Post Everything Painting - ONLY ONE LEFT

News update - only ONE painting is left in this series of ten of Luke Haines' Post Everything book jacket. Get in quick, sirs or madam.
Original book jacket

You may be familiar with the Art Event of Summer 2009 - which wasn't the Royal Academy Summer exhibition oh no - but where the world of British Outsider Art was turned on its head with the sale of Bad Vibes multiple paintings. Many were bought, all were loved. Some were even displayed on walls, in homes, and probably provided excellent subject matter when the conversational ball was close to dropping like yer proverbial rock.
And so now, Summer of 2011, and the grand mass of Outsider Art and Haines and Superman fans have finished the new Haines memoir Post Everything and are twiddling their collective thumbs, wondering just how to fill in those awkward pauses in social situations without a new painting to incite discussion, ignite passion and formulate New Ways for Living.
Original painting commissioned for publishers William Heinemann

And so I am selling ten - and no more - multiples of the above image, each hand-painted lovingly onto pure, fresh canvas, based on the original painting commissioned by publishers William Heinemann. As you will note, it varies slightly from the published jacket in composition. The works will measure 30 x 40 cms and will be painted in acrylics. You may have missed out on the original Bad Vibes paintings, you may have seen your conversational ball with unwanted visitors plummet at regular intervals. 
(example of the Bad Vibes painting)
You may even have felt morose and dead inside because you did not have a painting of your own. You may even have a Bad Vibes painting and want a loving little canvassy companion for it. Now, esteemed person, here is your chance.

Please choose correct posting option. One painting per person. 
Thank you very much.
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