Robert Wyatt Acrylics Artwork

Hello there.
The Robert Wyatt obsession continues. Today I am here to show you the Robert Wyatt in acrylics, on canvas board. Mr Wyatt - he won't be beat. After the screenprint here is the acrylics version.
On canvas board, our Robert sits with a plaintive look in his eye. This is the Robert after - not the Robert before. This is the reflective guy - not the frenzied sticksman of Soft Machine. This is calm Robert. Thoughtful. Placid?

Robert Wyatt glances right

On mini easel

If you would like the cool serenity of a breezy Robert Wyatt painting then it is yours. Acrylics on canvas board, 20 x 20 cm. Limited to a mere twenty. Please allow 14 days for dispatch as the varnish has to dry etc etc. Perfect for all celebrations in and around the December period.
Any questions, do ask.
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