New Painting - Punk Rock Retro

From the famous painting by a Mr Tretchikoff - of 34 Acacia Avenue, Surbiton - comes the outsider art version of Chinese Woman Thinks About Stuff. Consider, if you will, the original. Worth thousands. Millions. Billions. Delighting people who like '50s thingibilia, all over this globe we call "the globe". 

Consider again, a print. A bit of paper that has been printed on. OK, but there you go. Throw it in the dustbin, son.
Now take a painting, a well good painting of a painting. It's original but a copy - and yet it's genuine, not knowing. It's painted in the Outsidery, Spidery style of one of the world's most Outsidery artists. And it's unique! See with yer eyes, it has the words "punk rock" painted on the right shoulder.
Detail of special bit.

 This is not an ironic piece, a po-mo slow-mo, but an item of work and graft. This could make you faint with delight. Every home should have one, but every home can't have one.
The canvas measures 30cm x 40cm. 
If you want to buy it there's a handy button over there....

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