Outsider Music 51 - An Appraisal with Pictures

And so... Mr Haines plays the guitar and sings to create Outsider Music Vol 51, live at the London Hoxton Pony venue, 19 January 2011. Sian Superman paints along, acrylics drippin' and canvas splinterin' in the blistering heat. 40 minutes later an historic gig is born. All those (mainly) unheard songs etc.
And an historic portrait of the bard himself is born. By the wife. All those unseen colours and thematic groupings.
Apparently, I got in the way of a woman in the audience who could not see the Haines 'cos of the picture, and thus decided to get a pre-prepared bagel out of her bag and eat it in defiance. Many apologies, woman who decided to eat a bagel.
Outsider Bagel no 1.
A nice man called Simon, I think [that he was called Simon, and that he was nice], won the picture in the raffle at the end [below]. He is on the right.
I spoke to him afterwards, ill-advisedly, telling him the paint might still be wet and I think he thought I was being nosey.

[Many thanks to GD Preston for the photographs.]
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