New Rock Paintings for Sale

Aloha, and welcome to the Autumn days of Insider Outsider Art, where the winds blow wild about the countryside and large snogs of rain lash flirtatiously on windows. People sit inside, Britishly, Europely, Americanly, Chinesely or rest-of-the-worldly. The weather haunts us all, rainy or not, and now our thoughts turn to the dark sanctums – dark dark and more dark – the place we call home.
It's usually got a telly in it and maybe sometimes an oven and, hopefully in a different room, a bed.
That sort of thing. And of course the home has walls which may or may not have Outsider Art on them.
To commemorate the Greats of Rock, in a paintishly sort of way, Insider Outsider Art proudly presents the Rock Series. Two pictures, one depicting the brooding gorgeousness of Mr David Bowie in his Aladdin Sane mode but – this time – eyes open.

Bowie detail

And thence to the brooding etc. Marc Bolan, cheekily depicted in animal skin jumper, waiting to woo the gurls and also get some boys excited too. He lingers, lingeringly.

Bolan detail

Each painting measures 24cm x 30 cm and is painted thudding in acrylics. Each Bolan and Bowie is limited to just five paintings each - yes, a mere and nudey five - so perhaps you would like to rush along here. Fiendishly cheap, buxomly priced. A Paypal button awaits us below:

Prices inc P&P

Thankfully you.
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