Return of the Art Mugs

Hey and hello - the mugs have arrived on this blustery, tornado-style day or days.
They're shiny, they're new and they are filled with an invisible magical dust. They're ready for something, don't know what - but if you're making one I'll have a strong tea no sugar. Thanks.
The mugs always say they're dishwasher-proof but I wouldn't gamble on that as they are sensitive, art mugs and automatic machine washing techniques might go wrong.
Here at Raw Art we love our mugs but they often sell out so do order soon to avoid disappointment.
Here are the five beauties. Watch this space for new designs - if we fancy it - in a couple of weeks....
All designs are from original Raw Art paintings.
Thank you, for being there.

This is the Aladdin Sane mug.

It's a Sleaford Mods mug! Wooh! Our favourite punks now immortalised on a beverage container.

Sorry this has now sold out

The Throbbing Gristle mug - a Raw Art classic.

Sorry this has now sold out

David Essex "Rock On" mug - good for people who love David Essex. 

"Pup" Mug -
It's a Sex Pup mug - new for 2015! It's menacing but very good at holding hot drinks.

The underside of the mugs is printed with the Raw Art logo which is handy in itself.

Any questions, do ask.

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