Pocket Art Mirrors

Mirrors. They're bloody important - but they're often boring. Yeah, you can check your look any time you want, but they often lack the most vital thing of all - a piece of limited edition artwork of something sodding amazing on the other side.
So exactly what? – I thought when I was walking my poodle (I haven't got a poodle) – Would a certain 8cm round mirror have on the other side?
I got to thinking. And here they are - for a mere £6 each inc P&P these mirrors will have you looking good - while all the time they - yeah - look good! Two things. In one! All pocket mirrors are 8cm diameter and come in a handy pouch. All limited quantities.

Manics - Richie and Nicky - Pocket mirror 8cm diameter

David Essex

Wolf - Pocket mirror 8cm diameter

Johnny Thunders

David - 1975

Back - mirror in "pouch"
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