Hello. Welcome to another in the series of art blog posts about art.
Welcome to Week Two.
Today I can unveil the latest painting on canvas board. It's Pet Sounds, that album, you know. It's by the Beach Boys. It's good.
I thought that it was one of the most complicated album sleeves of all time, so I decided that it would be interesting to paint, to see if it was possible. So I had a go.

Carl, Brian, Dennis, Mike, Al - and some goats

The Beach Boys - they're a boy band. They sing harmony and sway. They're pop. They're soul.


My favourite Beach Boy is Dennis, who seems to be feeding an invisible animal on the sleeve. He's so out there. There is a good blog about the original photoshoot at San Diego Zoo here.

You can buy a piece of this Beach Boys magic - a little bit of the life force. (You would not believe the price of art materials, they are going through the roof.) Painted to order as multiples, limited to twenty.
Any questions, do ask. If you want an extra-large version, a handy 60 x 60 cm, then please do contact me as I can do 'em for Christmas.
Thanks, friends.

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