New Mug Poll for 2014

UPDATE:  votes have been counted and mugs ordered. Watch out, limited edition art mugs available soon. Yowsa.

Hello there, it's the Raw Art 2014 Mug Poll! Excitement, surely, abounds. Go on.
It does.
Here's your chance to vote for a Raw Art image you would like to see on a mug, sometime (hopefully) before Christmas. The mugs have featured in their own article (see "Press" link at the top of this page) and are widely known for their use in containing hot beverages. They are, even, dishwasher-proof (or so the bloke tells me but I'd wash them up by hand if I was you. Or NEVER USE THEM AT ALL. Etc.)
So - use your power to vote! It's not important, but it is political.
Sort of.
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