In what people refer to as "the past", back in the midsts of time before time actually had midsts and was called Olde Tymme or something - Raw Art was called the Outsider Christmas Art Shop. For lovers of facts I have just checked the records – and I can confirm that it was two years ago.
How. Time. Flies.
It's now nearly Christmas again - we don't want to think that but we must. It's bloody November and here we all are. Loveable, difficult, offensive – but utterly clueless. And utterly unprepared.
Bearing this in mind, the Raw Art Outsider Christmas Art shop countdown to the festive season is BACK. Back Back Back. And the thinking person's crumpet, Father Christmas, is coming down our collective chimney quite soon.
And what do we want when our chimneys are thus preparing? (?)
Cards. That's what. Raw Art Christmas cards.

Yes. It's true.
These are cheeky little cards, measuring a sensitive 10x15cm. They have the sort of Christmas messages, printed with an exclusive stamp, that only the discerning festive art fan will appreciate. Here are detailed photos:

CARD NUMBER ONE: Pissy Christmas

CARD NUMBER TWO: Crappy Pissy Christmas


CARD NUMBER FOUR: Another Nice Boring

Packaged - cards n envelopes

These cards are strictly limited and are available until we run out - they are offered as a set of four, each with an envelope (pictured below, near Lou). Cost including postage and packing is a mere fiver. A fiver!!!! Buy them before they buy you. Or something.

Please do take some time look around the Raw Art site - artwork may be still available, ideal for top notch Wintertide gifts n that.

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