Grrrr! at the Clerkenwell Festival Sunday 28 August

Grrrr! – Raw Art and Pandora Vaughan – is preparing for the Clerkenwell Festival 28 August 2016.
We're going to have a Seaside Summer Art Special including NEW punk rock rock plus Television watermelon slices for sale [other New Wave band names will be available].

There'll also be mugs, Summer pencils, Headache Jewellery, Hot Motel prints, badges and bags. It's a bit like the Grrrr! shop. But as a stall. In East London. On A Sunday. In The Summer. With a Seaside theme. And a dog show.

So far, Raw Art has painted some business cards on blocks of wood...

 ....and is in the process of making a new machine thing with an arrow on it.
....which I'm not sure what to do with. See it Sunday! Drop by and say HELLO.

the two Grrrr! proprietors share another joke
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