Awesome Power I and now II

UPDATE: Here is "Awesome Power II". Montage – mixed media, paint and paper plus high high gloss – painted July 2016...blah blah. 20 x 20 cm canvas board. Awesome Power was a concept we had in the Grrrr! shop. It was good.

This is "Awesome Power I". Mixed media, paper, paint, high gloss - painted at the Grrrr! shop NW5, June 2016.... 20 x 20 cm on canvas board. 

A Stupid Version of a Stupid Garden City.... Hedgehogs, Trees, Taylor Swift in a Bikini. Euro 2016.

Experience. Life.

On the Superman art shelf at Grrrr! 6 Malden Road, Kentish Town. Someone came in the shop one day and had a look at the art.... "Is Siân Superman your real name?" she asked.

You can buy Awesome Power I or II using the PayPal button below. It will give you quite startling insight into stuff and we'll throw in some Punk Rock Rock if you're lucky. Try it.

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