Folk Art 2016 Biscuit Pyramid!

Hello! And here is a quick round up of the protest biscuits for 2016... all are available but get in quick as they do get snapped up... [Click on the photo for a large version, this may work only on computer not mobile....]

Ooh it's some USA-inspired protest custard creams made after the presidential election 2016, plus some general despairing ones....

Top to bottom: USA flag [SOLD], Fuckin' Hell 2016 [SOLD], State of America, Bastard Cream, Oh Dear [SOLD], We're All Doomed 2016 [SOLD], Bastard Trump, Protest I [SOLD], Protest II, It's a Mess

PYRAMID TWO: Are some handy more UK-ish protest biscuits which wouldn't really stand up properly to make a bigger pyramid.
Top to bottom: I Don't Understand This At All, I Resign, Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland, Riot!, NHS, Protest, EU

PYRAMID THREE: This is the sweary pyramid, smaller but really quite rude. These are quite angry biscuits because, quite frankly, a lot of tosspots seem to be "running the world".
Top to bottom: Twat, Cuntard [SOLD], Fuck Off, Make It Stop, Fuck This

PYRAMID FOUR: Three biscuits form a tiny but quite annoyed trio.
Top to bottom: Bugger Boris, Custard [as in Cowardly Custard], Riot! II

Top to bottom: Truth [SOLD], Silver, Gold, Fuck Yeah!

Please inform Raw Art here as to which ones you would like. All are sent first class signed for and delivery is included in the price. Cheers! Any more questions or for special commissions or multiples please ask....
NB Some may be on show next week in London if we manage to get the new new space in time.

15 December 2016 – Updated January 2017
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